Friday, March 31, 2006

First Blog

I thought I'd start blogging on an actual e-blogger just because I'm always on here checking up on everyone else I know and I thought it would be fun to start adding my own little stories from home especially since we are so far away from friends and family. A better way to stay somewhat connected with people.

On that note, since we've moved to BC I have felt completely distanced from everyone. I find it a lot harder to keep in touch one on one with everyone. Quite depressing!! We have now been here in Penticton for 1 year and it still feels like we just moved here. We've met a really nice couple Kristin and Eric who have become our family away from family. Funny Kristin is new to BC and also newly married and from Saskatchewan and they are Christian's and Family people so we have so much fun with them! Our husbands are the perfect match..they are both gamers and computer guys and they just have so much fun together.

Now to fill in everyone about what we've been up to lately well...lots and not lots.
Well not lots for me cuz I've been on bedrest for weeks and weeks. I'm just over 4 mths pregnant and I just had surgery so I've had to take it easy. Justin works up in Kelowna at his dream computer job so between that and taking care of the kids and cooking and cleaning for me well he barely has free time on his hands and on top of all that his mom has just been diagnosed with dimentia and well that's pretty hard to deal with on top of everything else. The kids are doing awesome. Emily is 7 and Carter is 3 he'll be 4 pretty soon. Emily started choir and she plays sports when she can. She's also become a little Martha Stuart cleans and watches the cooking channel religiously. And boy can that girl make some yummy croutons and cookies. Carter is getting so big. I think he might out beat his dad's height one day. *sigh I'll be the shortest one*...Emily and Carter are super tall. Anyways he's doing so good. He's learning his ABC's and printing letters and numbers. He was in preschool but that ended at Christmas time. He's waiting till he is big enough to go into Karate. He so wants to be a ninja it's hillarious. He's also getting ready for a baby. He's trying to act like a bigger boy everyday and trying to help mommy out when he can so he can help teach the baby good things. Between him and Emily this little baby is going to have the most fun and be the most protected and loved little one.

Well I've been sitting on my toosh at the computer long enough I'd make the dr's grumble so I better get back to the couch and lay down.

Till next time....God Bless your day!