Friday, March 23, 2007

Only from a Child!!

Emily: "Carter do you want to eat our icecream cones outside on the swings"


Emily: "*giggle giggle Carter it's not like we're going to disneyland"

Carter: "but Em we can pretend it is, cuz our yard is bigger than there"

Emily: "good idea let's go...see ya mom I'm taking Carter to disneyland"

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You"

Living life, being a wife, and being a mother... in one word... SWEETNESS!!

I've been troubled lately by the world, people around me, people I know, and people I don't know. Have you noticed but people smile less, people are grumpy, complain, whine, take for granted what the Lord set for us to do on this earth. LOVE, RESPECT, KINDNESS, PATIENCE and APPRECIATION. It really saddens me to see people not enjoy life, it really does. I feel like shouting out to them and nudging them and saying...c'mon, is it really that bad. NO. It's not that bad. It's never that bad. I've been at a point in my life where it was my own hell and I had to climb out of it and change and make it right and I know that life is pretty damn sweet.

I get to wake up every morning and have my husband kiss me and tell me he loves me and have my children run around "mommy mommy...we love you". That's all I need. God gave me a choice, a choice to live a troubled and dark life or live a life of loving the Lord and having happiness and appreciating everything. I even appreciate the gooey cream cheese on my cinnamon roll.

We're all going to have mountains we need to climb but do we focus on the pain and disappointment or do we focus on the journey and look forward to the outcome. Why make other people feel bad just cuz you're having a bad day. Why frown when we can smile. Did you know it takes more effort to be negative than to be happy. Really. I've tried it!! It's tiring. What's so wrong with driving a little slower because of an elder behind the wheel in front of you, passing isn't really going to get you that much farther, why scowl at a child because of a little spilled milk...adults spill too, why complain making a gourmet meal for friends and family at least we get to eat and eat all day if we want.

For those who are struggling out there ....get ur gotch on, eat a mouth watering cinnimon roll and look at your loved ones around you and then put your hand on your heart and thank the Lord for the sweetness in your life........the happiness might just last a lifetime.

LOVE LOVE LOVE.....and fricking giggle dammit!! ;0)
P.S. I'm not trying to complain (haha) as I read back on my post, I'm just trying to shed some light.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wussup sup?

Cohen is just a scooting around a lot now. He loves to crawl under the coffee table and stay there. Emily says it's his little fort. Carter is becoming more and more social, he's getting a lot of lil friends around the village. Emily's school is auctioning off all the kids art work on friday so Emily said maybe we can bid 21 dollars on her monster picture. I think it will be a fun and unique school fundraiser. I am looking forward to it.
I'm off to a pampered chef party tonight. I get so tired after running around from the kids all day that my nights I like to curl up on the couch and watch a flick and do a little laundry, it's really hard to motivate myself to go out in the evening, but tonightI'm pushing myself out. It's time for a little girly time. Justin is going to get things ready for his friend that's coming. We are SOOOO excited to have a visitor from back home. I want visitors all the time but NO BODY comes.. HINT HINT....people it's time to start visiting out here.
What else is new around here...hmmm well we went to our first bible study last night and that was a lot of fun. We're definitely returning for another gathering. Our Pastor invited us to Apex to go tubing on the mountain I am so sad that I have to call and take a raincheck. Cohen has his immunization that day and he always has a reaction so I don't think travelling with him is a good idea that and Justin has to run another guy's team at work because of a death in the family. So I'm sure apex isn't going anywhere anytime soon and we'll head up there hopefully before the snow is gone. We are snow free down in the Okanagan. It's great. I love the smell of spring. Anyways Cohen is making his way back under the coffee table so I better run.
Here are some photo's to enjoy.....

Dreamin' bout the golden boogie.

Beautified n ready for bed.

Bible time with Emily

Getting around pretty good.

Must be a good show.

See what I mean.....totally gets it from his father. Funny thing is my brother has a picture very similar to this when he was Carter's age.

Falling asleep .... right close to daddy's heart!

I wonder where the kids get their goofiness!!!!!

Beddy bye time....or is it??

Em's my big helper.....happily cleaning her closet.

Cohen has been trying to get these animals since day one....he finally succeeded and he was a happy boy!