Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm A Big Boy Now

EIGHT MONTHS OLD, can you believe it. Yikes time flies. Our little baby wants to be a BIG boy. He is everywhere, getting into everything. But I guess that's a good sign that he's developing wonderfully and he is a healthy munchkin. I think he will be walking in a month. He will stand holding onto something and now he's getting brave to take one hand off. Cohen is weighing in at 18 1/2 lbs. He still has his lil mohawk, it's so cute. What else is he doing these days.....well he is trying out new foods and he doesn't like much; cream corn, carrots, apricots and blueberries. I'm trying to get him to like a bottle (for those who don't know he did take a bottle in his first few months and then weaned himself off everything, soother, bottle and thumb) now he is taking the bottle so I can have some mommy time once in awhile. He got to spend some quality time with Aunti Kristin today and he took the bottle for her which is great news for me. I got to have some relaxing time at the DENTIST YUCK!!!! He did so good at her house I was so happy. I feel so fortunate to have someone here in BC to look after my children with such love and kindness. Cohen was the happiest baby and she played him out so he had a little sleep for me. yay.

Anyways my boys are ready for some play time and Emily just walked got home.

Here are a couple photo's
Cohen's 8mth picture and a few pictures of us on the dock down the street, we had a supper picnic the night of game 7 ...Vancouver won and my husband was pretty happy.

Till next time....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

To tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth....

Oh I have to confess. I have a nasty horrible habit. One that may just need therapy.

I have a sweet tooth. Well and a salty tooth. I have a combo tooth.

Ok so I can't just eat a bag of chips I have to top it off with chocolate. I can't just eat supper and brush my teeth and go about my day I need a little sweetness to finish it all off. Then I feel complete. comes the kicker

Oh but I go so far as sneaking into my children's candy stash. Indeed...a horribly mom I know but I can't help it. And sometimes I look at it as though I am doing them some good. If the candy just disappears then they can't eat it and get those awful sugar rushes or cavities (I havea gazillion) and Emily well she won't miss it. She still has Easter candy from LAST Easter. So I quietly sneak into their bedroom and grab one egg or two or a candy or two.

I think what would clearly solve my problem is chocolate flavoured toothpaste.....or therapy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

This and That

It's been a funny week. The kids are just cracking us up all day long. It's been fun because last week they were a little out of sorts after the grandparents left. They hate saying good bye and it just made them really unhappy all week. It didn't matter what we did to try to cheer them up or what we family activity we would do they were still unhappy. This week has been a nice change, they are much happier even though they are still missing all their grandparents.

It all started off with Cohen. He's been motoring and I mean EVERYWHERE and FAST. One day he's just crawling and by the next day he was up on furniture and now he's walking around things while holding on. He's into EVERYTHING. It's so funny to watch the determination in his little face. Now that he can get around he has all this freedom and by darndit he's going to explore. He has also become very very loud. At church on Sunday the Pastor was getting the congregation in the mood to pray and it was sooooo quiet until little Cohen pipes up and yells "DADDA DADADADADADADA". I guess yelling Dadda is better than the loud ruptures he used to blow in his diaper.

Then Carter. Oh boy this one has quite the imagination. He is truly gifted in storytelling. He used to hate the telephone and now he loves it. He wants to call everyone all day long. Today he started out by calling Grandpa Harold. He talked for quite sometime and so I thought he would be tired of gabbing and want to have some quiet time. NOPE he wanted to make his next call. So he called Grandma Tammy and wanted to talk to Papa and Uncle Nathan but they were all busy so he talked to Grandma. He was trying to persuade her to move on out it was funny. He was so detailed on how he looked at houses for them to buy and they were ready to move in. Then after he was off the phone he told me that grams and gramps would be flying on a gt jet plane right now and that it was going to land on our front lawn and not to be scared if I see a big plane outside. Then he called Auntie Jenna and Uncle Justin. Then he wanted to talk to Harold again so he called Grandpa back and he ended off the phone call by saying "love eachother because I love you". Then he talked to Uncle Justin. Oh it was funny. Now normally I wouldn't let him make this many phone calls but you have to understand he has never enjoyed talking to anyone on the phone so the fact that he was showing interest and was talking a lot made everyone happy so I thought it was harmless. After he was all done he came to me and Justin and said "did you know Uncle Nathan is visiting Auntie Jenna, and he farted on all her plates and now she has to do all her dishes and she has too much work to do...I can't believe that guy." hahaha as soon as he left the room Justin and I burst into hysterical laughter.

Then our little sweet girl made her daddy happy last night. It was the cutest. Now that Emily is getting older we really cherish these moments with her, when she asks for our "advice" it's fun. So Emily was walking home from school the other day with some boys and they were laughing at her TinkerBell backpack. She gets upset when people laugh at her (well really who doesn't) and so she came home and she cried a little and we told her to just keep her chin up and not let it show that it bugs her. Justin says to her that she is the prettiest little girl in the whole school and the best daughter in the whole world and that that's all that matters is how much daddy loves you. So she felt better and she proceeds to her room and she starts calling for daddy. So Justin went into her bedroom and she had a few outfits on the floor all planned out and she said "dad you have the best advice, can you pick my outfit out for tomorrow and because you picked it I will sure be the prettiest even if you just think so". So he picked out her outfit and she was so happy when she got up this morning and put on the outfit her dad picked out for her. It was a touching moment for Justin, I mean how many little girls want their dad's to pick out their school clothes.

Another plus this week. We were outside with the kids one afternoon picking up some garbage that had blown into the yard. We've been trying to teach the kids that not only does God want us to be kind to people but also to his land. So Emily and Carter grabbed a bunch of garbage bags and asked if they could pick up all the garbage around our street. So we went on our way and the kids picked a huge black bag full of garbage. There wasn't even a little plastic wrapper around. SO on our way home one of our neighbours approached us and asked if we wanted a new swingset. I was interested because we were looking at getting a second swingset since we have so many kids in our yard and mom's group and just the fact that we are planning for more children so we need a little more than two swings and the swings on our old swingset needed to be replaced. So I asked for more info and how much they wanted and what it came down to was they wouldn't accept money for it so in exchange for a bottle of wine, the swingset was ours. What a deal!! Emily then says see mom all sorts of wonderful things happen when we do good things. The kids were so happy. So we are going to find some baby swings to put on the one swingset. Friends of ours are expecting a baby and I can't wait to share time outside with our babies and push them in swings together.

Well I better go geek out with my hubby. He got a new tech book today and he's dying to tell me all about it. HOnestly I have no clue what he is talking about but I love the fact that he can share and have the patience to share it with me. OOhhhh and chips for the occasion haha...I can definitely listen to the tech talk if there is chips involved.

So until next time....
Have a wonderful week. God Bless!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

An Egg-siting Weekend

Happy Easter Everyone!!

This weekend was so much fun. My in-laws were visiting from Marwayne AB, Grandpa Harold and Grandma Paulette. Friday started out with some outdoor fun and Real Things Pizza from the village. I do have to say it is the best pizza EVER. Saturday started out with a walk down to Manitou Park (a couple blocks away) and we gathered around with all the other children and parents in the village, we all watched a helicopter fly overhead and drop ping pong balls. Then all the children ran out to find and collect as many as possible. Emily and Carter worked as a team and collected 10, then off they went to trade them in for Easter treats. What a super fun time we had.

The afternoon brought more fun. Paulette, Emily and I went to the village play "Robinson's Rainbow" a little something to celebrate the centennial year. The boys stayed home and did their guy stuff. I was so nervous leaving Cohen because he weaned himself off a bottle months ago but he finally took one. I was so happy to come home and Justin had good things to say about the baby. I was worried he would have cried for mommy the whole time. Now maybe I can go and get my hair done.

Sunday morning started off with some pretty happy lil ones. Em and Carter ran outside at 7:30 in the AM to search for some eggs left by Mr. Bunny and then inside for another egg hunt and then on to the candy. It was Cohen's first Easter and he got a fun lil toy. It was so fun to see the kids so excited and to share it with their grandparents was even better. We had our turkey dinner for lunch and for supper we had turkey salad buns. This was the first year we did it like that and I much rather it than having our turkey for supper. We were able to have the entire day to visit and play and just do whatever instead of spending the whole time in the kitchen. Thanks to Gramma she ran the show. I felt so spoiled.

Today Grams and Gramps left. It was such a sad day in the Seitz home. Em and Carter cried and cried and then they just sat so still and did nothing and then everyone was a little touchy and cranky. Grandparents are so special and I wish they could all live right next door.

So this week I have been invited for coffee and then we have a few appointments and when I'm not runnin around I will be enjoying the weather. It's been so nice here. Fruit blossoms are blooming and it smells so fruity here. I love it. I wish I could capture the smell and post it on the blog. I just got news that my grandma and my mom are flying out beginning of May. I'm so excited. Hmm come to think of it I wonder how many times I used the word excited in this post (hahaha).
Here are some photos from the past week and weekend.
Enjoy, God Bless and Happy Easter!!

Cohen: Helping mommy do laundry.

~Super Smiles~

Decorating eggs with Papa.

Gramma's touch.

Turkey Dinner
Em helping Carter pour gravy

Daddy carving turkey.
Mmmmm hot crossed buns.
Loves daddy's hair.

Who's gonna win??

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I think we're on our way to having the baby back on schedule. Yesterday Cohen had his nap in the morning and nap in the afternoon. I was so happy to finally get some housework done and playtime in with the kids. Then he went to bed at 8:30 and slept until 3:30 and well then he was up to play but at 4:30 I finally had enough and was so tired so I brought him into bed and he snuggled up to daddy and was sound asleep in about two minutes. SO NICE!!! YAY I'm rested today! Cohen was on this schedule a few weeks ago but when he got sick his schedule went out the window. I just hope it stays like this.

Our holidays are officially booked for this summer. Double YES. July 20-Aug 6. I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing everyone.

I'll write more later, take more photos but for now I'm going to enjoy my quiet time and a coffee or two before the babe wakes up.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sleepless in Naramata

I'm still up and it's about 2 in the AM. Cohen has been off lately and not sleeping very well. I'm not sure if it's teething or growing pains or a little of both. Carter has also been not sleeping well lately either, however Justin and Emily sleep so peacefully I wish I was them at the moment. So I just got Cohen to bed for the 3rd time and I'm having trouble winding down....must have to do with the coffee Justin made me at 7 this evening. Now normally I won't drink coffee in the evening but I was so tired I thought I should. Not gonna do that again.

Anyways I thought I better post a link to a slide show of pictures I have taken recently of all the kids. I added more pictures than the length of the song so I kinda screwed it up a little but it still looks good. Enjoy the photo's!!