Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm being kind of a booger blogger....

Sorry for neglecting the blog. I've been trying to upload photo's and I have too many I'm worried I'm going to crash the computer. Our world has been a whirlwind lately...a good whirlwind but so many changes.
Carter turned 5
Kindergarten Orientation
Emily's school beach bash
Epicure Party
Mommy group
Emily's Classroom awards and year end ceremony
Two wisdom extractions two different days (one today which is why I'm a little grouchy)
Emily's final day....she passed grade 3
Cohen started Walking and doing SO BIG on his own and climbing stairs...ahhhh
Justin and I are celebrating our anniversary soon...yay I'm so excited for our date out
Justin and I are also doing children's ministry this weekend together so fun. I don't think we have to do much cuz we're giving the regulars a break but still so much fun that we can do it together.
I promise to get my poop in a group and get some photo's up from Carter's birthday and everything since. It was sooooo much fun. I'm just not looking forward to sending him to kindergarten in the fall. Emily is going to try and get him as her little buddy which will be cute.
Well I'm going to go pop some T 3's now that my mouth is throbbing and hopefully sleep it off. I've been kind of sucky poopoo about my teeth lately. Oh well Justin bought me tons of icecream to make me feel better ;0)))
Nighty night

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

A happy father on father's day. I'm so proud of you Justin for all the love and fun you bring our family. The kids just adore you every minute of the day and so do I. I love how this sillyness isn't just today but everyday. You're an outstanding daddy. I am so in love with this journey we've been on as parents and watching you become the father and husband that you are has been the best thing in this world. We're all so lukcy and we love you soooooo much. Thank you for us all of your heart all of the time. You truly are the best. I love I love you I love you....forever!! ....and Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Parenting ~Rocks~

This week has been so much fun. Every week is fun but the kids were in neat little moods this week for some reason.

Carter was super duper huggy. Every time I turned around he was asking for a hug, and he'd say mom I just love hugging you. Tomorrow he graduates from preschool. I'll be posting pictures afterwards.

Emily is a little lady learning about emotions and feelings. She's learned once again just how much her dad is here to protect and love her. There is this bratty boy in the neighbourhood and he's rank to all the kids around here including Emily and Justin finally put him in his place in a nice fatherly type way and Emily was so proud. She just has so much trust and faith in him and it's so wonderful to see their father/daughter relationship grow. A father's loving guidance does so much for a little girl.

Cohen is in this snuggle mood too lately. He snuggles with the floor both carpet and lino and blankets and pillows and teddy's and all of us. Tonight he was a little out of sort and he could not get comfortable. Justin did his usual cuddle and I did my usual cuddle/breastfeed but no luck and he kept going back and forth and back and forth. So we all snuggled together while I fed him and he went fast asleep...he just needed a little mommy and daddy. So sweet.

How I cherish these moments....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

9 Months Already

Our baby is becoming a big boy. The kids are all getting so big :0((

Hahaha Carter just told Emily he will give her a hundred bucks if she stays inside and plays with him. Too funny. I love listening to the kids.

A quick update:

Cohen had his 9mth checkup and he's a healthy baby weighing 20lbs. He's still super picky about food so I've opted to just make my own when I make supper for everyone else and it's not too bad. I bought a super sweet cuisinart mini chopper/blender and it rocks.

Emily is still madly in love (oh boy) but in love with caution. She went to bike safety the other day and made no mistakes so she wants to start riding her bike to school. Daddy doesn't want to let her do that quite yet...we're what you call over paranoid parents. But that's a good a point!!

Carter is going to be 5...FIVE...ahhhhhh. That means KINDERGARTEN IN SEPTEMBER. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're planning a beach themed birthday party at the handy to have one down the street boy. There will be around 15 hyper boys but I don't care. He's been shafted on his previous birthdays except last years was a total hit. My sister and Justin put on a great birthday while I was on bedrest. Year before totally sucked so this year he's going to have a super rockin birthday.

Other than that life is great. Justin and I are totally geeking out on the Nintendo Wii. We got it on the weekend and to be totally honest I love it. Justin and I were playing this super fun surgical game, we were doctors and actually performed surgeries. What comes from that game is a realization I could never be a doctor and I have a higher appreciation for them.

Ta ta for now...

Cohen @ 9mths and favorite sitting position

Kids collected all our beer bottles and pop cans haha we're totally not into booze anymore as you can tell. We only got $3.50 for everything. Too funny but good slurpee's came of it