Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amidst the Chaos

Friday after having a bit of a mental breakdown, bawling after being puked on and pooped on and kids screaming and the dumbness invading my brain from the lack of sleep, well my sweet friend reminded me to stop and pray, pray for God to give me the strength I will need to get through that day. I took Cohen in my arms, layed on the couch and started praying. I literally said "AMEN" and Carter raced down the stairs "Mom, your friend is here" ... "What friend Carter"..."The one with the curly hair". In wonderment I went upstairs as Becca was meeting me half way, "I'm here to help, what can I do".... WHAT??????? SERIOUSLY?????? My grandma called and said she would be able to come in....WHAT?????? An hour later Justin called to lend a hand WHAT??????? Well........was that not a prayer just answered. For all of that and more I am thankful. I feel so blessed to have the help around here that I need, usually when I least expect it. Friends and family, you are wonderful!!!! And for those that are praying You are wonderful!!!!!!!!!

I am sitting here thinking of everything I am thankful for which has minimized the feelings of being overwhelmed.... My top 20!

1) my friends daily reminders to stop, pray and be thankful

2) some loving and encouraging words from my family

3) friends offering to babysit

4) friends just popping on in to help with laundry and dinner and watching the kids so I can nap and take Cohen to the hospital

5) extra help from the kids dad

6)the 45 minute nap that I was able to have

7) the hour long bath in my spa room

8) Icecream :P

9) water/soap combinations to rid the stench of upchuck

10) a great working washer and dryer

11) easy and quick meals

12) a super fast Family Pizza nearby

13) my dustbuster

14) my's so comfy

15) my kids patience

16) leather couches (they wipe so easily)

17) the spring weather so I could open up the windows and air out the house

18) jammies

19) the Bible to give me comfort

20) nintendo ds (brain age 2) to get my mind busy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Randomness Day

I was surprised I got up and ready as fast as I did this morning. I mean I knew the life insurance dude was coming this morning however past "inhome" appointments I am still in my jammies. Nope not today - and good thing I might add because he showed up dressed in a gentleman's suit and very handsome indeed - so distracted by hit hottness that I was practically feeding Brady's forehead. Same thing happened the other day, I'm at the "center" and I happen to run into "again" this wonderful gentleman and I say gentleman because he is in every sense of the word and I stood there weak in the knees totally melting like jello, even after dancing a little latin chacha you'd think I'd be all cool but nope, I totally felt like a dork. I guess I kinda am a dork surrounded by these extremely good good looking men.

I mean I have been around man friend's and it doesn't phase me but since I've entered the so-called single's world I've become a tad nervous and I'm not normally nervous. But I feel like this : You know when you were in elementary school ... the early early years, and you'd see a cute boy on the playground, look at him - giggle - smile - and run away. That's EXACTLY how I feel. But being a grown woman it looks rather strange and I do just that except not exactly run away :) and on top of it I feel like the words that come out of my mouth sound a little like yogabbagagga babble.

So back to life insurance - One more thing off my to do list.
I have started thinking about the "future" in a realistic sort of way. What happens when the kids decide they want to go to school..... enroll children in RESP's (check)
What happens if I become ill or non-existent in human form (ok dead but I hate that word it just sounds so morbid and not just because it is morbid but it's just an ugly word).... so I made a will and applied for life insurance (double check)
Now before "JS's" next visit to put up a sign on my bathroom door saying "no toasters allowed" ...kidding kidding kidding.

After the meeting was over this morning my parents came by to babysit the kids and I was off to my "hair heaven" Color Bar, to see Sheena. She is just one of the greatest hair stylists around. I will drop any activity or vacation planned to have the chance to SIT in her hair chair. She just knows what you need without you saying it and she never does a bad job, heck she never does a mediocre job... I always enter feeling a bit drab and boring and leave feeling like one hot mamma. So Sheena's treat of the day, back to blonde I go. Blonde is my natural hair color and to help get me back to where I once was and have a fresh look for spring I have a combination of lo-lites and high-lites.

I get home and am lovingly and excitedly greeted at the door by my 4 little munchkins who act like I've been gone on a week long vacation when in all actuality I was gone for a total of one hour and forty five minutes. One of many reasons why I love being a mom. A few moments later my phone rang....My dear sweet neighbour Lou. She is a woman of ageless wonder, late 70's and watching her 4 young grandchildren. We had a nice visit outside watching the children play and then it started to get bitterly cold so we moved inside and had a hot cup of tea and continued our chat. See Lou's husband has been passed now for 2 years. They were married for 50 years and shared 7 children together. She still loves her husband with all her heart. And as she sat across from me and talked about him I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her eyes started to get a little watery and red yet she had the biggest smile. I was just captivated by the little things she would mention about him, just ordinary stuff but it seemed so magical. Then she had to go, and I found myself wanting more, as if she was a storyteller ending the day on chapter one, it's just getting good, learning a bit about the characters and the plot and then the book closed ---until next time. I know Lou likes tea and loves to talk so I am sure there will be a next time. That and she said so :)

And that brings us to tonight. It was a busy night like most nights. Tonight the two little ones were a bit of a handful. But a happy little bunch. Brady was so excited to be in the bathtub that be pooped and when I took him out to clean things up he peed, I bathed him a total of 4 times. And Cohen, off the bottle *fingers crossed* hopefully forever. His bottle has been his crutch these past months, kinda like his security blanket. So tonight he asked for milk in a sippy cup and I thought perfect opportunity to see if he is willing to give his bottles to my friends baby Avery. So I got him a big bag, he packed ALL his bottles, nipples and caps and hung it on the mailbox in hopes that Avery's mommy would come pick it up but what he doesn't know is that, that's not happening because they just left for Hawaii... Which reminds me I better bring in the bag of bottles and hide them downstairs. We had one instance tonight where Cohen asked if he could have a bottle, I said he had enough milk and the bottles were all gone to bye bye land. So once this bigboy step is mastered completely we'll be back to potty training. Right now it's starting but we're not overly (stupiess) ------ (wow I just dozed off and that was the last word typed. Where did that come from and what does it mean) Odd!! I guess that's it...I'm pooped, sleep looks good about now, Brady is crashed beside me. I'm outtie!!
till next time xo

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter is about Jesus, dying on the cross to save us from our sins and give us life everlasting. Sure we have chocolate bunny treats galore, toys and gifts, turkey stuffing and mashed potatoes, decorated boiled eggs and springy flowers but what about celebrating the true blessing each one of us has been given..................Life. Taking a moment and thanking God for something so big yet something we take for granted each and every day.

Emily, I am thankful for your true beauty inside and out. I have never met another little girl who has a heart more full of love than yours. I admire your spirit and how it flows from being a child to grownupland but when you hug me you are still my baby girl in every way.

Carter, I am thankful for your imagination, without your stories I would forget what it is like to be a child and I am thankful I am reminded of that innocence each and every day. We are able to dream during the day because of your bright little mind.

Cohen, I am thankful for your humor, your laughter and your sillyness. When I look at you I am reminded of Grandpa Corky and his will to chuckle in every occasion. Your joy is like my sunshine no matter what time of day it is.

My Brady boo, I am thankful for your baby strength. You are so little yet so mighty, you have had the will to live from the moment you entered this world. You are this little ball of love, life and adventure all rolled into one.

Thank you God for my children, when I look at them I see Your truth.
Love, love and more love, from our hearts to yours
Happy Easter

.................. ............. .......... ..... ... .

I did a post and tried importing it, but I am still trying to learn about all the fancy blogger stuff so click on the link and enjoy a mini Easter post.
As well I think I am going to drop the newer blog... I am finding it way too hard to keep up with one blog let alone two blogs. So I am going to continue on with Keep it fresh, keep it real, mommy, me, kids, life laddydah didah stuff :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Kit Kat Moment


I just got Brady to sleep, it is almost midnight and I thought what better what to sit and think about what to blog about but by taking a break and enjoying a kit kat bar. Yes I am my own commercial at times but hey, when you spend a lot of time alone or with children this kind of stuff is amusing. Gets me thinking, which I am told I do wayyy too much of.

Guess my thinking is going to have to continue because Brady just woke up as I finished that sentence and Cohen is also waking up. As well I accidentally finished my kit kat bar a LITTLE too fast :S

But here is a sneak peek of what I have been thinking about....forgiveness, stillness and happyness and the power of NESS and love, marriage, cons of the mind and heart and Easter the miracle :)

Before I forget...Happy Easter!!!!