Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I"m not sure who is excited more me and Justin or the kids. We've decided we can't wait anymore so we're letting the kids open all their presents today with Grandma and tomorrow they can enjoy their Santa gifts. I'm going to make a yummy mommy meal tonight in hopes to fill my children's belly's and have them in bed somewhat early because I know tomorrow they will be wide awake at 5 AM.
Tomorrow we're having a special Christmas dinner with a wonderful family in town and then Boxing Day... Papa Harold arrives. New Years Aunti Jenna, Uncle Justin and Uncle Nathan get to come visit for a week. Then we'll take a trip up to Apex and let the kids go tubing down the mountains.
Yesterday we had some snow, enough for some tobogganing so if it decides to stick around for the day and not melt we might get a chance to use our sleds.
Enjoy the holidays everyone, we miss you!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Our Christmas present came a little early this year. Last night we had a bit of a scare. I was having some severe sharp pains in my side and because of all our previous pregnancy troubles we thought we better get to the hospital. The doctor on call was a complete ass and that is an understatement. A total mean uncompassionate heartless man. First of all he didn't believe my pain was coming from where I said it was then he sends in a nurse with a doplar and because she couldn't find a heartbeat he says, well if your bodyis preparing for miscarriage there isn't anything I can do for you. So go home and come back tomorrow for an ultrasound. I said I wanted an ultrasound right then and there with their portable machine and he continued to fight me on it until I told him that if he didn't wheel in the machine I would do it myself and that I wasn't leaving the hospital until he could tell me my baby was alive or not. So afer he storms out of my room whipping the curtains he sends another nurse in to try and get me to leave the hospital because they needed my bed. FORGET IT!!! Then another nurse comes who heard what was going on from outside the curtain and she said if they didn't do the ultrasound she would do it herself. Finally the doctor comes back in and does the ultrasound not really knowing what he's doing and instead of moving the probe around he leaves it in one spot not seeing anything and says ... are you even pregnant...when you saw your gyno what did he even see.... Justin and I both said...A baby! He said he didn't see a baby....but after he moved the probe around there was our little bundle of joy bouncing around my uterus. He then says he still has no idea if anything is wrong but that was enough for me at the moment. Something to go home and have hope about and pray about. So today we went for our ultrasound and the baby is perfect. Healthy, measuring on date and everything else looks absolutely perfect. We both started crying and hugged the ultrasound technician. The best Christmas news we could hear.

Here is a little funny story that happened this morning.
Cohen was playing with Carter's slinky and stuck it in his diaper, the back of his diaper. He's running around as the slinky is bouncing up and down and we're all laughing when he stops to poop. Justin is hoping it's a toot and unwinds the slinky from his diaper and indeed he pooped, and pooped on the slinky.
Never a dull moment in the Seitz home...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Moments like these....

This morning Carter was off school. He had to attend in the afternoon because of a big school performance. He was so happy to be home and we got to hang out and make muffins and have car races. Then I had to do some tidying up while Cohen was sleeping so I started in the living room and I was talking to Carter but no answer. So I walked to my room to make my bed when there he was making it for me. I took one look at it and was so happy he thought of doing something to help me so we could play some more. It was made the way kids do...messy blankets, pillows all over the place and sheets half out of the bed but it was the best bed making I've ever seen. I left it and loved the gesture and thanked him and we ate some muffins and drank some milk. Moments like these I love and cherish being a mommy!!!