Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whose Belly is Bigger????

I was going through some photo's Justin uploaded for me and I came across this picture he took of me and my dad at Easter time. One of my favorite pictures right now.

I was about 25/26 wks in this photo and my dad well.... ;0)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"i boogie"

Cohen entertained my grandparents last weekend by picking his nose. His new thrill. As you can tell everyone else was quite entertained by his new discovery.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Great Day...and many more to follow!!

Today Emily came home from school happy. Kids are starting to approach her and want to be her friend. She has been apologized to by some kids and they said they were mean because they had to be but they don't want to be anymore. Later on in the day the bigger bully approached Emily and Em smiled and said Hi and to Em's surprise she said...."so do you want to be friends". I guess she got in a bunch of trouble for bullying and she is not only just being nice to Emily but to other girls as well. Emily is just happy to finally have some friends and not be so alone anymore. She said she isn't quite ready to be friends with the bully but she is going to keep being nice and see how things go and who knows. This little girl is still so young and I believe she can change and be sweet, no person truly wants to be mean.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Justin and I decided that as much as we wanted to just grab our child and protect her and haul her out of school and scream at the children that were bullying and whatever else ran through our minds we didn't. Instead we taught her how to handle the situation in a mature manner and not stoop down to the level of the bully. Be kind, be nice as much as it kills to do it do it. Stay clear as best as you can and talk about it. But not continue to talk about it so negatively and look for more positive things than just the meanness and bullying.

Friday I went in and talked to the principal and he was great. He was welcoming and understanding and ready to take actions into his own hands. He talked to Emily privately and talked to the bully privately and each little girl the bully's social circle. Hopefully it works. Of course the day of the bully continued to go after Emily calling her a liar and just harrassed her non stop but hopefully (fingers crossed) it will die down. Emily feels a bit stronger. Two girls approached her and ate with her and wanted to be with her at recess and while I was at the school spying (openly I might add) I got to meet the girls and they are SOOO nice. They are just your average little 9 year old. Kind, they don't care about what they wear and just act like kids should act.

I have a lot of hope that this coming week of school is going to be so much better on Emily. Now that she has a couple other girls to hang out with she won't be so alone. We've been praying and teaching her and loving her and just uplifting her as much as possible and looking at all that is happy and great instead of all this yucky bad stuff. It's working and even Emily is looking forward to a better week of school.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words and prayers. It means so much. As a parent it is just heartwrenching to go through this with your child. I mean all you want is your kids to be happy and have fun. Dropping Emily off at school knowing she was going to be standing alone leaning against the side of the wall getting picked on is just so horrifying. This week I think she'll finally be able to just play and have fun and enjoy school a little more and more each day. Thank God!!...and thank you!!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I just walked into my daughter's room and tucked her in and stood over her for a moment to watch her sleep and lay in her bed holding her monkey. As I write this blog I'm stumped, I'm unsure of what to do as a parent. My little girl's heart is broken and me and Justin feel broken for her.

The transition into her new school has been difficult. First day was great, she loved every minute of it. Everyone wanted to know her and sit with her and play with her at recess. The next day it was just one girl that went back to her and that little girl is becoming a good friend to Emily but right now she is away and won't be back for a week. Even though the bullying started before her friend left it didn't feel as bad because she still had someone to play with. Now she is left standing alone on the side of the school wall.

Her friend Kassidy was friends with another girl who was a little on the mean side and when Emily came along Kassidy latched onto Em which was great. But jealousy took over the other little girl and she decided to let Emily know how she feels about her new friendship with "her" friend. She called Kassidy's house and left a rude message on her parents answering machine about how she hates her now that she is with Emily. She told all the girls at school that Emily stole Kassidy from her. It's so dumb.

There is a popular ring of grade 4 girls already. The ring leader could be compared to Rachel Witchburn on "Sydney White" Total little brat. If you aren't her friend she torments you and if you try sticking up to her she torments you. The other day Emily was standing alone watching the girls play and a girl said Emily help...what Emily didn't know is that one of the other girls names is Emily. Emily said sorry I don't know what you want me to do. They turned around and said they weren't talking to her and called her a "freak". Today the same little stinker approached Emily and asked if she new where another little girl was, Emily said no and she said I thought so because why would you know where she is when you stole her best friend, new girls should have NO FRIENDS!. Emily didn't say anything back, instead she just stood there all alone and just felt sick to her stomach. Emily talked to us about what's been going on today after school and told us that the same girl called her a "whore". But she didn't want to say anything because she is worried we are going to go back and tell the teacher and she doesn't want to be any more embarrassed than she already is.

I was waiting with Emily before school started and a different little girl comes up to her and says..."like why do you wear that same jacket like every day, i mean it's a cool jacket but like you wear it everyday". It then clicked why Emily was going through 3 or more outfits a morning before she knew what to wear. We sat her down and had a heart to heart to her about what is important in life and to our amazement this morning she was wearing her sweatpants and a bunnyhug and said I'm going to school like this, I don't care what they say, I feel comfy. Justin was so happy and said ok then can I come to school with you and we'll go comfy together and shock everyone. So Justin went in his reindeer pants and Emily in her sweatpants. I wish that feeling would have lasted forever for her but it didn't :(. Justin gave her his photo ID to carry around with her so that if she got to sad she had a piece of him with her. When we picked her up from school she still held the card in her hand.

I wish we could protect her and go to school with her every moment. I would really like to tell those kids where to go but that's not teaching Emily the right thing. We keep talking to Emily and helping boost her confidence in herself but it doesn't seem to be working. We are trying to tell her she's better than the kids and not to fight back and stoop to their level but when is enough ENOUGH!! Do we wait it out and hope it gets better. I've already gone in and talked to the teachers and they were so good about it and helpful and had some good ideas but I understand there is so much a teacher can do with so many kids. And these kids are smart and do it when the teacher is not around. Do we approach the parents and talk about it, do we let it ride itself out, do we switch schools to only encounter the same issue there or take the chance that it's not? I'm stuck, Justin's stuck. We know that we can't watch her go through this much longer. Our 9 yr old should not be in such a hurtful situation like this.

3rd Trimester, I completely forgot how far along I am. It's crazy. I was at the doctor yesterday and she said my section has already been booked...ahhhhhh where has this pregnancy gone. 2 months oh my. I'm not unpacked or anything, Nesting is in high gear now!!!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm Sorry....Say that again???

So today I stopped at the Ticketmaster kiosk to buy some "Walking with Dinosaurs" tickets and for starters so indecisive I didn't know what day, what time, how many tickets ughh the indecisiveness is crazeeeee!!!!
Then it gets even more embarrassing.

Lady behind counter : "what is your name"
Me: " uhh McNaught"
Lady: "McNaught is your name"
Me: phff sorry hahaha my name was McNaught my name is Carissa last name Seitz.
Lady: Spell that please
Me: Oh lord (hum and hah)


Friday, April 04, 2008

Bumper Belly

The belly is officially getting in the way. I bend over, I topple over, I set the table and bump the kids in the head, I get stuck, I get stuck in doorways. We had family over for Easter and my dad and I tried getting through the doorway at the same time, his belly + my belly = both us getting stuck and having a good laugh!!! It's all fun. I love this stage of pregnancy. I love the belly and I miss it sooooo much when it is gone and turns into a ball of flab but at least we are rewarded and gifted and priveliged to have such a beautiful baby. I'm getting more and more excited. I love being around stores other than Walmart (I HAVE MY CONSIGNMENT STORES BACK YAY AND DISCOVERED AND NEW COOL ONE!!) I see my new specialist on Tuesday and hopefully soon we will find out what our little one is so we can plan a little more.

The children had their first week of school and LOVED every minute of it. The school is great. They have caught up already and are working on some pretty cool projects. 620 kids versus 100 kids was a big change for them it's been fun fun fun. Today there is no school due to a water main break.

We've all been sick...still. Ugh I am desperate for this dumb cold to leave our home finally it's been lingering since we moved. Cohen is still not any better, mind you he's playful but he's got a gross cough and runny nose and his molars aren't quite out yet. I think once the molars break through completely he'll get some rest. Justin had to have emergency oral surgery. His wisdom tooth was causing a bad infection in his mouth and making a mess so he had it taken out yesterday but it was growing sideways so they had to cut and drill and ugh it's gross...stitches and everything. Poor guy is on so many drugs to help with the infection and pain and nothing is working.

Oh and breaking news....FOUND OUR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. I had to transfer my license over and went back to McNaught, they wouldn't let me be a Seitz because I didn't have my certificate. So now that I found it I have to get so many things changed over. I was so worried I lost it or forgot to pack it or something but Justin to the rescue found it in my cards keepsake box. I'm excited to get everything changed over. Our health cards, bank accounts, driver's license, dr. files. etc...

So now that we are somewhat settled we have to start dealing with issues that have arisen back in the Okanagan. Our old landlord is pulling a fast one on us and being quite snakey which is soooo UNCOOL!!!!!! We did a lot for that guy, we took care of the home as if it was our own, we brought his yard back to a YARD, we never fussed with his lack of repair or broken promises, our fridge broke down a week before we moved and defrosted all our food, stressed him out we just let it be, put our food in a mini fridge and said we could live without it if it was going to be a hassle to get a new one in. So what happens is this...

Our moving van was scheduled to come on the 10th a Monday when he had to work so he thought it would be best to come on the 9th keeping in mind that our stuff will still be in the house but the walkthrough was needed. He confirmed with us about 12 times via phone and email and everytime we said yes we'll be there for you. He shows up with a painter and some friends and their child. Justin was waiting the whole time to do the walkthrough and he comes out to shake Justin's hand and ask for our address to mail us our rent refund and our damage deposit. So a couple days later I find out the postal code and what not and email it to him for him to say that he won't send anything back UNTIL he walks through it next time he's in the village. Uhhhh ILLEGAL. You can't redo a walkthrough with the tenants being gone. We've looked into EVERYTHING with the rentalsman and that was wrong wrong wrong of him to do. How it works is he has to tell us right then and there what is wrong with the place and the portion of the deposit that he wants to keep and if we don't agree we take it to arbitration but he only has 15 days from the time that we provide him with our written mailing address or our deposit gets doubles. Well lets just say it's April 4th, I gave him our address March 12th. So far I have only received my post dated chq's and two days ago I received a check for the rental portion he promised to return to us. No deposit but he left us a note with the rent chq stating he will see the house in a week and take it from there. No go buddy, so we're filing. What a kick in the rear to us though. We were so patient and understanding with him, never made stink about nothing and always gave him rent and fixed small things ourselves and he pulls this. It's insulting and disappointing. We don't even want to fight about it we just want what is rightfully ours returned and be done with drama. It's not that easy dealing with it from another province either and who knows maybe that is why he is doing this because he knows we don't have the time to pursue it. But we will anyways especially now that the amount gets doubled.

Well I think I've babbled on enough with this blog. I'm procrastinating the errands a little oops....note to self - - get butt in gear...