Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday was Cohen's 18 mth immunizations. All went well so we thought, usual swelling, pain and fussiness. We treated him like always with tylenol and lots of cuddles. This morning he woke up and I went to change him out of his jammies and his arm was so swollen his sleeve was tight. When I got his clothes off not only was he swollen from the his collar bone to his elbow, left side of chest and left side of back all the way to his shoulder blade, but from his elbow to his shoulder was completely red, hard, and hot. Because he had some swelling last time we new to report it first with the health nurse and find out exactly where we need to go from here. So we called in got some info super fast and they called our family doctor in which we were able to get in right away. I drove up there, he took one look was extremely concerned and got on the phone with emerg and a pediatrician. Off we went.

I got to the hospital quick because the pediatrician was meeting us right I thought. 2 fricking hours later she finally arrived and said they emerg admitting said to wait because they had no rooms, we then proceeded into a room that was indeed vacant for the entire 2 hours. What came about his exam is that Cohen developed an infection a bad one that can only be treated through IV meds. So they proceeded and tried to put in an IV. Doctors, nurses on top of Cohen holding the poor guy down and they couldn't do it. They tried twice and stopped. Gave him some meds to make him sleepy but it did the reverse and made him super duper hyper, I mean he was literally jumping on the bed. So they tried again. TWO more hours and 5 more pokes with the IV needle they finally got it in. The doctor had to call in two male paramedics to help hold him down and because she couldn't put the IV in and her resident couldn't they retaught the paramedic how to do it. I was just blown away. I mean the guy said he hadn't done it in years and couldn't remember how to do it. He failed a few times and Cohen was bleeding and crying. I just wanted to take him and run. But finally it was over with. He was then given his first dose of antibiotics...

Now it is 10PM and Justin has taken Cohen back into emerg for his 2nd dose and tomorrow morning he will go in for his 3rd. In the mean time he has the IV all taped up on his little foot, hobbling around the house. After his 3rd dose tomorrow he will then be able to take the meds orally. Thank goodness!!!

I better go back and sit by the phone, hopefully everything goes smoothly for him tonight.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Remember Me?

Ooooooooh I gots it.
My husband came home with the brand new book from my favoritist author ever Sophie Kinsella.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Thanks Kristin for an super fun girls night last night. I had such a blast.

Kristin and I went and played BINGO, it was hillariously fun. It was $10 for 15 games and although we didn't win any money we had so much fun. Then appy's half price at the Pasta Factory. Mmmmm... they were so yummy. Our men had the children and when we got home everyone was well behaved and sleeping. It's so nice to return from an evening out to know that the kids were great.

There is a talent show being held at the local highschool and they were offering auditions from K-12 kids. Emily and her BFF Maddy had their hearts set on performing. They found a song, learned it to perfection and choreographed dance moves. It's awesome. At noon today they had their audition and it went great. Maddy's mom and I got the message from one of the judges before we left and they said they would make it so hopefully that stands true. Perfect timing, something for Em to remember always before we move away.

It breaks my heart though. I thought this move would be much more happier and I've been so sad to leave. It's been cry fest after cry fest. Our time in the Okanagan has been memorable and the people in the village will always be in our hearts. I feel like a big bad mom having to tear my kids away from their friends. Carter is starting to just accept it and doesn't really care, he'll miss his buds but Emily oh dear. Her and her lil hearthrob Riley. Riley has promised as soon as he can drive he is going to come and get Em from Saskatoon and take her up to the top of the mountain and give her her first kiss. They are just smitten with eachother. Riley carries around Em's valentine in his jacket pocket and wrote "I love Emily very much" under his hat. On Valentine's day he gave her a cool super hero card at school and then later that night dropped off a hand made card with a box of chocolates on our doorstop. Who knows maybe this little love story will last a lifetime. Too soon too tell of course they are only 9 but they just love eachother so much. Emily is very firm on how she acts around him, she tells me mom, guys don't like girls falling all over them so I just act cool especially around his friends. She never wants to embarrass him. But for the first time the other day at school the boys were playing basketball and Riley took a break and said guys I gotta go say hi to my girlfriend. Em was just shocked. We plan to keep these kids in contact and bring Em out to visit and hopefully we'll be able to meet up with them when they are in Calgary this summer.

Well again, I best get back to packing while Carter is at his friends birthday party. Till next time...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Private no more?

So the private thing is just thrown out the window. Easier for the readers that don't have a google account. Oh well my hacker husband will make sure no psycho's goof on my blog ;))

We have been so busy with the move that I've been neglecting photo's and blogging. I can't wait to be moved and be done with all this packing but I am going to really miss it here. I'm sad and worse the kids are just heartbroken.

I am flying to Edmonton with the children and we'll stay with my sister until Justin drives through. We leave on the 8th and we should be in Saskatoon on the 13th and hopefully all moved in on the 15th.

Well back to packing. . .

Monday, February 11, 2008

Carter sings
Who do we appreciate

Friday, February 01, 2008

Going Private

I've decided to go private with my blog. I did it a little too soon though without much notice so I've decided to wait until the end of the week to put it completely private. So if you would like to continue viewing it please send me your email on the comments section of the blog and I will make sure to add you.

Reason for doing so is there are a few too many creepo's out there I've discovered and I figure since I'm posting about my kids and what not it would be best. The last thing I want is someone from some other country whom I don't know checking out my profile same as within my own country.