Monday, October 29, 2007

The Seitz home is FULL of surprises.....
Stay tuned *wink*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Battling the Good Stuff

So just as Justin has been picked up by one publishing company, another company came in with a very positive agressive swoop and is wanting his book. Wow what a compliment...two publishing companies playing tug o war with my JMan. Such an honor and a blessing and a happy push in the right direction. Other authors have advised Justin that writing a book can be tough and at times you'll feel like giving up but the end is so rewarding to be honest the beginning is just as rewarding and the drive and motivation Justin has right now due to the excitement everyone has is amazing. A huge thank you goes out to my dad, When we were visiting my parents this summer Justin had told my dad of his idea and my dad was very supportive and gung ho and said why not...just go for it and see what happens and good thing he listened. Good thing!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oooooooooh I'm so so proud of my husband. The book deal is a go and it's about 90% finalized the 10% left is contracts and paperwork. The publishing company is so excited to work with Justin on his book and they just had really positive feedback for him.

When we first moved out here Justin worked for his brother in a tar pit and it totally felt like hell, I mean tech guy working in tar sounds hellish to me too however the lesson he learned was how much he appreciated life and his family and his career in the tech industry and to not take one day for granted. Ever since we've been distanced from the drama and nonsense and focused on the good and promising, life has completely turned around and it's been an amazing experience. Every second we've endured out here has been worth it and we've been able to do it all as a family.

We'll keep everyone posted as the book moves along, Please pray for continual motivation (as writing a book can take time) and thank you for walking along this journey with us as friends and family.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The leaves are changing color, the weather is much cooler and it rains every once in awhile. I love fall!!
I'm fully recovered from my surgery. I feel awesome except during ovulation it looks like that trouble will never go away and the doc said the only cure is another baby (short term cure). Oh how that would be so nice -- who knows what the future will bring ;0)
Our Thanksgiving weekend was so nice. It started off with a date, Justin and I hadn't been on a date in 10mths. Cohen just needed to be fed so much that it wasn't possible but now that he's on a great schedule we're able to go out ALONE!!!!!!! We had our dear friends Kristin and Eric over for dinner, I cooked a ham and leftovers made a nice warm soup Mmmm. Then Monday we had a turkey dinner with our senior friends in Penticton, Beverly and Emery. It was great until Cohen got bit in the face by their dog. Not the dogs fault, even though I would like to think so but he is a good dog. Cohen tripped over his bum and got nipped right under the eye, starting at the bottom of his lower eyelid. Luckily it didn't break the skin, he had a nasty bruise and swelling but it's already looking way better, you can't even tell he was bit, looks more like a fall. Thank God it wasn't worse.
Now Papa is down, he arrived at our place this morning and it's been so joyful around here. I love when he visits because he's so involved with the children and he plays right down to their level and doesn't stop until they go to bed. So tomorrow night we're having a family dinner with Justin's aunt and husband and papa. I love cooking for people so tomorrow I'm making a rice pilaf, greek salad and Chicken stuffed with feta and marinaded in a verde sauce. mmmmm and Chocolate brownies for dessert. Ohh so hungry already.
We have some great news to share....Justin had an idea for a Technical book so he wrote a 17 page proposal and gave it to his agent who has then been sending it off to publishers. We had some feedback on Friday first from Justin's publisher with good news that his book idea is liked a lot and the publishers think Justin would be a perfect fit for their company. Then he was contact by an editor from the company with the same news and that they would like to have a more formal phone meeting with him on Monday. First stage, and it's so exciting. We're not too sure what's going to come of this quite yet but just the thought of someone liking Justin's idea is appreciated so hopefully the news just keeps getting better. We're trying to wait for Monday very patiently but it's hard. This is where the "Univeral Remote" would come in hand.
As soon as Cohen's bruises are gone we're going to do some family fall photo's. I'm so excited to take some pictures of the kids in the stay tuned.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm so happy October has arrived. I love fall. It is my favorite season, the chill, the colors, the leaves on the ground and Thanksgiving. We have my father in law visiting this month and his sister Aunt Shirley and her husband have moved to Penticton so we will be able to have some nice much needed family time with my in laws. It's always fun when Papa comes and the kids just can't either. He's so playful and loving and overall a very special man, always thinking with his heart. We are also awaiting a new baby in the family, our dearest friends Kristin and Eric are due at the end of the month. I'm so excited. We're finally going to be mommy's together!!! Cohen is going to have a lil playmate close in age and there is going to be another baby around how sweet is that.

Life around here is starting to settle a little. I"m starting to get back in my groove. I'm still sore but it's getting better. I start really cramping up when I am doing to much or walking to much but on the flip side it feels soooo good to be doing things again and getting out for some fresh air. Yesterday we went for a drive around the village, there was a baby bear walking around. We were too late, didn't see it but it was still exciting. We've had amazing help and support from our fellow villagers. We've had meals, and pick ups and drop offs for the kids, some babysitting, housecleaning. I've never seen a more caring village where people just stop in the middle of whatever they are doing (even driving ;) to see how we're doing and how I'm feeling. It's amazing. I love the warmth and friendship in this town. It's been a very positive experience for our family, this move was one of the best moves ever.

Cohen is demanding some attention, he's snacking on the wooden table, so he must need food, real food ;)
Till next time
Thank you!!