Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Our First Week!!

Tomorrow will mark 1 week since the baby was born. It's been wonderful. There is still so much excitement in the air. Cohen is adapting well to his new life and family. He's so content, alert and such a happy baby. We went to the doctor to check on his weight and make sure that all the frequent feedings were paying off. Indeed it did. Cohen is back up to his birth weight. During the day he feeds every hour and a half to two hours and at night it's every hour on the hour. I've been trying to adjust to the lack of sleep. Thank goodness Justin is around and on holidays. He is totally my saving grace. He is arranging activities during the day to keep the kids busy so I can nap and at night he fetches me my water, pain meds and changes diapers during the night so I don't have to get up and move too much and then I do the feedings. I am anxious to be 100% recovered from the surgery so I can get back to running around and playing with all the kids. The picture on the left is Cohen's first stroller ride. Justin let Carter and Emily take turns pushing their brother in the stroller to the mailbox. They were so proud. It was cute. The kids already want Cohen to be big so he can play with them. It's hard for them to understand why they have to be so careful around the baby. Ahh before we all know it Cohen will be bigger than a bean and walking and talking. I wish we could just preserve the babyness in a little bottle.
Here is a picture of Cohen and Daddy. Justin wanted a picture to visualize just how tiny the baby really is and from Justin's elbow to his middle finger tip is exactly the size of our littlest one. Cohen also loves his little bed. He's started noticing the hanging animals. Carter and Emily like helping at diaper change time. They think baby poop is the funniest thing in the world. Cohen likes to cuddle with a blanket my mom knit for him. He looks so precious in this picture.

When I look at these photo's I go back in time when Emily and Carter were both Cohen's size and I can't believe how time just zip's right by. Emily starts Grade 3 next Tuesday. Her highlight of the week is her shopping trip with her dad. Justin let her by a big girl back pack which in Emily's eye's is the coolest thing ever. She's grown out of the tinkerbell and barbie backpacks and clothes. Thank goodness she still likes to play barbies and make believe. She has been helping out so much around the house. She loves to clean so she's been cleaning and organizing baby things. She was having so much fun helping her dad do yardwork today that when he took a break she surprised him and raked 9 mounds of dead grass. So to take a bit of a fun break her and her dad played a little one on one baseball. But she passed on her rake to her little brother.

Carter's highlight of the week is during the shopping trip with daddy he got some office supplies. If you don't already know Carter's favorite playtime is pretend office. He is darn serious about it too. At first we were concerned that he was going to turn into some workaholic but then realized Emily hasn't become a barbie a holic and they both play equal pretend time. We have decided to also enroll Carter in preschool. Justin is going to try and set that up this week. I think that will help Carter feel more comfortable being a big brother. He will have something to call his own.

A few exciting things happening this coming week. Tonight my sister in law is coming. She is driving out from Seattle. We haven't seen her since our wedding and the kids are looking forward to playing toys with her. Also the cul-de-sac we live on shuts the street down and has a big block BBQ. It will be nice to meet some more of our new neighbours. Speaking of which. Our neighbours have been great. Right beside us is a la leche instructor and she's been giving me breast feeding tips I had no clue of and another neighbour brought us fresh out of the oven banana bread and while I was in the hospital she brought over a box of peaches. Everyone is so nice and friendly and we feel so lucky to live on a street like this. It's a nice distraction also because I'm really missing my family. My parents left on Saturday and it's been hard on all of us to not have them around. Carter misses playing business with Grandpa and Emily loved knitting with my mom. I wish my nephew could meet his new cousin and man don't get me started on my sister. She has been through absolutely everything with me and for her to be so far away is just killer. And my grams oh boy...I guess we're going to have to plan a trip home soon and boy will that be so special.

Well I better get some sleep so I can visit with Shannon when she arrives. Keep checkin in because I'm sure I'll have tons more photos' to post throughout the week.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Baby Cohen is Finally Here!!

Yes our baby is finally here. Justin and I are the new proud parents of Cohen Harold Matthew Seitz. I went to the Dr. Tuesday morning and discovered I had absolutely NO cervix left which was awesome because all that was holding the baby is was a stitch that was about to burst at any second. So I was sent to the hospital only to be disappointed once again. There were no nursery nurses on and the pediatrician was still MIA. So we had to be admitted and wait until the next day when everyone was back on call. I had Dr. Goncalves visit me first thing in the morning and my options were to either take the stitch out and try naturally or to go straight in for a c-section. We opted for the c-section and to our suprise it was booked exactly 1 hr from the time the dr visited us.

The c-section was a totally different experience from the other c-sections I had had. I could actually feel absolutely everything. I was so so scared until I finally heard the precious cry. The dr. was amazed at how big and healthy the baby looked thinking he was only a 36 weeker but as Justin and I knew and were trying to tell dr.s all along was that this wasn't a 36 weeker. He was more like a 38 weeker. He came out 6lbs 10 oz and 51cm in length. He also scored a 9 out of 10 on the apgar which is awesome. He is doing so well. He's feeding great and he's so alert and bright eyed. I couldn't be happier. I am also feeling absolutely wonderful. I expected to feel like crap after a 3rd c-section but as soon as I had my IV and cathadar out I was up and walking around. I feel really energetic and healthy and just on cloud nine to finally have my baby in my arms. The dr. s were happy with my improvement so they sent us home early. Which was nice because my parents were still here visiting. So they got to spend a good day with Cohen at home. Emily and Carter are so happy to finally have mom and dad and baby out of the hospital and back home. They were a little concerned that we would have to go back but that will soon change in a few days. It's funny how being out of our routine and in the hospital disrupts the family life. Here are some photos ...

First photo with mom and dad!

Emily enjoying a cuddle with her new baby.

Wide awake on Gramma Tammy's lap. Big brother Carter worried Cohen might poop.

So happy to finally have my boy!!

Such a proud daddy!!

My parents Jeff and Tammy enjoying their new grandson.

Kristin and Eric Amundson and Gramma Vonn all enjoying some precious cuddles.

Dr. Goncalves the day he discharged us

Cohen having his first swing.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Goin to have my baby!!

Wow the time has come to have my baby. This has been a very long and sometimes scarey pregnancy so I am overexcited to greet this little baby that had the strength to make it through the last 9mths. I want to extend a special thanks to everyone who prayed for us and was just there for us with love, support and kindness. We couldn't have done it without you all. Justin and the kids are so overwhelmed with joy also. We are all anxiously awaiting our lives to get back to normalcy and to just enjoy the new addition to our family.

As much as I'm going to be happy the pregnancy is over and to have my baby in my arms I am going to miss the pregnancy. I mean even though it was tough it was still such a blessing. It's an amazing feeling growing life inside and all the quirks that come with it.

Some of my favorite pregnant moments have been
1) The waddle
2)The kicking and hiccups
3)The ability to eat whatever whenever
4)Being able to justify my weird mood swings and not get in trouble for it
5)Laughing hysterically
6)The special attention and getting looked at being told I am beautiful every day
7)The foot rubs and back rubs and belly rubs
8)The large consumption of icecream
9)The closeness it brought my family
10)The gift of life itself is just so lovely words cannot express enough and to be able to share it with the people I love and even strangers is amazing

I will not miss the swelling of my hands and feet and I am so anxious to wear my wedding rings again. I cannot wait to play with my kids without the restriction of a huge watermelon in my abdomen.

So tomorrow when we wake up we are heading to my doctors appointment and then off to the hospital for a non stress test and prep for surgery. Hopefully by early evening we will be holding our new bundle of joy in our arms. If you could please pray for a safe and healthy c-section and that the baby will be nice and big and have strong lungs and I can have a speedy recovery. I cannot wait to share pictures with everyone and share the birthing story. I really hope my kids will handle this last bit of stress alright. Emily is stronger and understands more and is super excited where as Carter is more worried the baby is coming out walking, talking, copying and playing with his toys. Another special thing is my parents are down from Saskatoon and they were really hoping I would have the baby during their visit and sure enough tomorrow they too will be able to greet their new grandson. They will also be around to help Justin with the kids for a few days. Unfortunately they have to leave on the 25th but then Justins sister is coming on the 29th for a few days and then his father and stepmother will be coming the following weekend. Hopefully more family will be able to come down also. Also our friends who are more like our family are going to come to the hospital and share this special moment with us. This makes me just well up inside because Kristin and Eric have been through a lot of tough times and good times with us. They have shared the entire pregnancy with us by helping us with the children, preparing meals, helping with the move, prayer, support, fun and love and much much more. It just would not be right if the baby did not get the chance to meet them on his first day of life.

Stay tuned for some updates and pictures. I know I promised pictures of our new house and they are coming. I just keep taking pictures of everything but....
Here is a picture of 2 weekends ago when the Naramata fair was in town.
Well I better try and get some sleep. I have to be up in a few hours and I do not want to feel like a total pile of pooh. So goodnight everyone and We love ya and we will keep you posted on the upcoming events...

Ooooh can you guess what the name will be
Cohen, Henry, Brady, Harrison, Charlie or something completely not even thought of yet.

Till next time...................................................

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Bear Where??

Okay so I don't have the pictures quite yet but soon I promise. I started taking some today actually. I just want to finish cleaning up and unpacking before I post them.

So last night we went for dinner at our new landlord's place. We arrived home around 10:30 pm when Justin was going to unlock the back door he heard noise, like rustling and grunting. So he got spooked and ran back to the car and pulled the other car along the fence, turned on the lights and noticed that something very large fat and black was running around in circles. By the time we got inside the house and peeked outside we didn't notice anything. So this morning we went out to get ready for the village parade and noticed a very large dropping of poop. NOT DEER Either. It is totally Bear pooh mixed with a lot of fruit. So our yard had some exciting business happen in it I just wish we could have got a good eye and a picture or video or something.

Anyhoo I gotta get back to steaming the couches or watching Justin steam them for that matter. I will take some pictures and hopefully by tomorrow night a new lively post to enter.

Nighty night!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mini Update

No we haven't fallen off a cliff or ravine or even the planet for that matter...we've been extremely busy with the move and all. We are completely moved into our new home in Naramata and boy does it feel nice. What a breath of fresh air. We're enjoying the smaller community and the village. It's so nice to be able to just grab our swimming gear and walk to the beach in a timespan of 5 minutes. The unpacking is getting a little old and I'm just feeling old period haha. I am going to post some pictures once I finish getting the rooms set up. I will try and get them up within the next few days. So stay tuned...........