Monday, February 26, 2007

...~*6mths Old*~...

Our lil baby is growing so fast, he turned 6 months on the 23rd. We took Cohen for his checkup and everything is really good with him, he is weighing 16 1/2lbs and he's a little over 26 inches long. I can't believe it has been 6 months since we've had him. What a journey it's been too. I have enjoyed every minute of it even the sleepless nights, which are many. I'm finally getting into the groove of life a little more. Having three children has been a lot different from just two, I mean I had two hand and they were both occupied now I need a third hand and sometimes it isn't that easy but it's coming. I'm finding it easier to grocery shop and house clean and just sit down and have at least half a cup of coffee to myself while reading a few pages in a book.Cohen has become so independant already. He loves to play on the floor and roll around, he absolutely loves his intellitainer and just laying in bed looking at his mobile. He's such a easy baby to please. He puts himself to bed at night and he gets up for a few feedings in the middle of the night but he'll go back to bed...except for last night, he thought it was play time at 2 in the morning. Emily and Carter have found there place a little more also. They are well suited in their roles as big brother and big sister.

I thought by having three children that it would be enough but it's not, I don't feel done, and Justin and I already have the baby itch. The doctors were skepticle in the beginning and even wanted my tubes tied but my last check up prooved that the Lord is in control and my cervix has started restoring itself and some of the scar tissue just disappeared....neat isn't it!!!!

On a side note things are going good here, we have been keeping entertained with the children. We've had play dates, bike rides, trips to the library, school carnival, McDonalds play time, Church and bowling all this past week. I love being a mom, I love doing these things with my children and sharing it all with my husband. I love how everday is a new adventure, I just sit back and review the journey Justin and I have been through as a couple and as parents and how everyday we are brought closer and closer together. As tough as life can be sometimes and the curve balls we are thrown I love life, I love it and those trials we face seem like little specs of dust compared to all the good things we have going on.
Well my lil boy is begging me to play so that is my cue to get off this computer and get back to life. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and we hope you all have a wonderful week. We miss you all and love you more!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring is in the air!!

It's beautiful here. Just absolutely gorgeous, especially now that the sunshine is out. Our transmission went in our car so we've been down to one vehicle and it's been the greatest excuse to get me out and about walking. Hopefully some of my fat pads will fall off ;0) My favorite is walking Carter to preschool, we walk across the creek that runs through the village and it's so pretty. I love the way the water in the stream flows and sounds.

Back to our it was a huge bummer when it started to klunker out on us. Being down to one vehicle is hard when Justin works over an hour away from me and the kids. However after a lot of praying the Lord opened a door for us. A lady I know from church gave me the number to her unlce in law who owns a mechanic shop in Penticton. I called him up and told him of our situation and he had two offers for us. One was to buy the car from us and try to resell it and split the amount with us, and second he would take our car off our hands and give us another van for only 100 bucks a month with the guarantee that if we don't like it we can return it or if something happens and it needs to get fixed and we want to fix it we would only have to pay cost. How awesome is that. He brought some sunshine into this situation boy oh boy was it frustrating. I mean our car was only 700km's over our warranty. We still have 25 mths to pay on it too which completely sucks. But I guess the good thing about getting that car was that it helped us rebuild our credit and it was our wedding car too so for that reason alone will be the only reason it will be missed.

Hmm what else is happenin around here...haha oh my Christmas cards were finally mailed this morning. Indeed they are very late but better late than never right!! Life is starting to slowly fall back into place for me. Cohen will be 6mths on the 23rd and I'm finally getting my life somewhat organized. I never imagined that it would take this long...and I still have a long way to go. Having two kids was easy, I was ALWAYS organized. But once bedrest hit it all went down the tubes. Now I understand why there is support groups out there for bedrest graduates. Getting my energy levels back up has been a struggle but I'm there, the walking around the village has really helped me. Can you believe Cohen is already 6mths. Time for another baby I does Justin. Actually we thought we were pregnant again but it turned out to be a negative. We were quite bummed out but we know that another baby will come when the Lord sees fit. It's been fun leaving it up to Him, it really has.

The children are doing really good. Everyone has been keeping healthy and busy. We went to a scrapbooking night at one of Justin's coworkers homes and the kids enjoyed it because while Mommy was scraping they got to watch Flushed Away and Happy Feet on a home theatre. So cool.

Well I better run, Justin will be home soon for supper and I see the baby starting to wiggle. I will post some pictures of the children come Friday when it's Cohen's 6 monthday.

Love to all!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Happenin's Round Here

Emily's funny of the day...
Em says to Carter, "Hey Carter at the Superbowl we get to do lots of bowling." Carter says "I know how to bowl Emily". Emily says "Mom can we bowl more than one game?" I says "Honey the Superbowl is a football game not actual bowling, sorry." Emily says "Well then why wouldn't they call it superfootball then." haha it was funny.

We have been under the weather around here, each one of us battling some sort of flu/cold. This weekend was the first that we were all feeling better. Hopefully it stays that way. We just watched the movie Open Season and it was sooooo funny. WATCH IT. I'm laughing just thinking about it.

Emily has been doing really good in school. She has been reading and reading and reading. She reads to Carter and Cohen whenever she gets a chance. Cohen absoultely loves story time with her. It's so cute how the baby just listens so attentively to his big sister. On her own she's accomplished four novels this month. There is a little girl across the street from us, she's 4 and has really fallen in admiration for Emily. She keeps coming over with lil pictures for her and when we see her at preschool she always asks about Emily. So Emily decided to gather all her Dora stories and take them over to the girls house and read to her. Grace was so happy that Emily visited her at her house she couldn't stop jumping up and down.

We have a scientist on our hands. Carter loves experiments and creating pretty much anything and everything. It all started with a homemade volcano. We made it erupt using baking soda, vinegar and water. Since then Carter has wanted to blow things up. We are teaching him the dangers of actual explosions and how careful we need to be when doing experiments. For Christmas he got an experiment book with 101 ideas in it and for his valentines we got him a kit where he came make slime and diaper dust. It should keep us all busy for many days ahead.

Lil Cohen is getting bigger and bigger by the day. He is the only baby I have ever seen not interested in being a baby. Emily was kind of like that but not as bad as Cohen. Cohen won't eat baby food or drink from a bottle. He only wants table food and sippy cups (when not on the boob of course). It's hard to tell a baby that icecream and potato chips are going to have to wait...but oh when he sees them he just starts watering at the mouth. It's so funny. Tonight I was eating a nectarine and I let him suck on it and he just devoured it. Nectarine juice all over the place. He is also starting to crawl a little. He moves around like a little wormie and gets what he wants. He is sitting more on his own too. He still falls over afterawhile and sometimes leans to forward but he's doing pretty good for a 5 1/2 mths old. He loves books, and his playgym and he loves his rattles and his tigger teddy. He is also a blanky boy. He loves having a blanky everywhere he goes, however, he prefers to eat it than cuddle with it.

Well I best be off to bed. I am going to attempt getting up with my hubby in the morning, which is the lovely time of 5:00 AM. YUCK. I'm not looking forward to the earlyness but I am definitely looking forward to a warm cup of java with my man before he leaves for work. Should be interesting what actually happens when the alarm goes off. Nighty night everyone!!