Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Long Weekend

Oh I love the long weekends. Today started off a great day, I mean everyday is great but this morning Cohen had me up at 4 and we snuggled in bed and then got up at 5 with Justin. Normally I'm soooooooo tired and a little cranky *wink* but Justin poured me a warm cup o' java and I layed in bed and visited him while he got ready and I feel great and energetic ready to start my day. And it's a Friday, I get my husband home 3 days in a row YAY! The kids are so excited to have a fun filled family weekend. With school approaching next week we're doing nothing this weekend but having fun fun fun. Games, beach, a little shopping and a BBQ etc...

Here's a little update on my gang:

Emmy is so ready for school. She misses her friends. I'm going to miss her so much. She has been my partner all summer helping me with EVERYTHING and without being asked. She's just so thoughtful and she sees that we're always doing something so she says she wants to do stuff to help so we have more playtime and it's worked we have a lot more playtime. She is growing up so fast however she's still so little. She loves to go off by herself and play barbies or dolls and then other times she's writing her own songs and singing and dancing. Her poetry is that you'd find in a teens notebook, her writing skills are amazing. Justin is writing a book and loves to write.........wonder where she gets it from ;0)

Carter my little secret agent. He doesn't start school this week. I"m so happy I get an extra week with him before Kindergarten. I miss my kids so much when they go off to school I could really keep them home forever. Carter has been attatched to my hip everyday for the past 5 years it's going to be hard to have him go off and do his own thing. I know he'll be great at it though. He loves to learn and learn and learn. I do think he will be disappointed in Kindergarten as he's wanting to learn how to program software. Yesterday I had to give him a time out and while he was in his room he decided to make me a present, he took a pipe cleaner and little animal shaped foamies and made me an animal flower. He came out and apologized and handed me this beautiful flower and my heart just melted.

Cohen, oh little Cohen. He's such a daredevil. As you see him standing beside this gate that he recently surfed on down to stairs with. His second trip downt he stairs. He is trying to figure out how to do it again. A 12 mths old that thinks this is the funnest thing in the world. Or in the bathtub the little stinker stands up and I try to sit him back down, he'll have none of it. He slides down the curved side of the tub and gets his face all wet and falls in the water and he gets right back up for more. I wrote about the worry in his weight gain and I'm not worried anymore. I figure it was due to his lack of appetite when teething and what not. He's been teething forever and he finally cut on and another one is breaking through right now and it looks like he's getting two on the bottom. He's a tough teether as the older two were and his body is under stress. Lately he has been trying to eat more. Loves soup and crackers. We went to A&W and he loved the teen burger and fries and he is feeling a lot heavier. I'm still going to take him to the pediatrician as planned but I think she'll say he's just a normal boy.

As for Justin and I we're doing great. Justin has been working on his projects and his book proposal is going around to publishers so we're excited about that. I'm so proud of him, he's been wanting to write a tech book for so long and when we were visiting with my parents in Waskesiu my dad was talking to him about it and totally motivated Justin so as soon as we got home he wrote his 17 page proposal and his agent loved it. We've been having a ton of fun this summer. As a couple our marriage is at a great stage of just really understanding eachother and having fun together. He is taking another week of holidays when his brother and sister come out the week after this and I'm really looking forward to having him home yet again :) I could keep him home everyday but I guess he does have to work, but I'm lucky because he has been given two days a week to work remotely and home on weekends so we've been pretty happy and appreciative of that. This weekend is my 10 yr highschool reunion. Part of me wants to go back for it but facebook has really satisfied me in catching up with people for now. It's been a great little system. I've made contact with so many old schoolmates. I also had a prayer request on here for my aunt and she is still in the hospital in Saskatoon and I just want to thank everyone for their prayers. She is at a great place, the doctors are treating her with so much care and attention and they are on her like glue and doing the best to help her. Well Cohen zonked out in his swing as I was typing away so I am going to take advantage of being up early and tend to my morning chores and get a head a little. I hope you all have a wonderful and fun safe weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Say What??

Cohen backtalked me for the first time and it was so funny. We went to the park and I put him back in his stroller and the little man looked right at me and squirmed and said NO! Then I proceeded to buckle him up and he said NONONO!! Too

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

+ A Prayer Request +

If you could keep my Auntie MaryJo in your prayers. She has the West Nile Virus and she was in the hospital recently and then was discharged in hopes that she had a mild case and that she was doing alright. She is getting worse and she went back into the hospital this today. They are going to run some other tests and do whatever they can to help her. She has a husband and three children and they run a farm and they need all the help and prayers you can give. The Lord is good and I know she will pull through with His almighty healing.

Thank you!!


We burned Emily a CD with all her favorite songs one being "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. I've listened to the radio version only ever and saw her perform it on Teen Choice but I guess I never paid too close attention to the lyrics there is the "F" word loud and clear in the downloaded version. What I never heard the word before until Emily has it blasting in the living room and Carter sings out "lalalala F'in girlfriend". Stop the record...Carter what did you just say, and he repeats ahhhhhhh. So I download the radio version and listen very closely and sure enough it's bleeps out but yeesh why didn't I hear that every other time I listened to the song. That's all I need is them singing that out in the grocery store or church for that matter. Uhh let's just say that song will be skipped from now on ;0))

Monday, August 27, 2007

C'est Ma Vie

I still can't believe Cohen is 1. Where did the year go. It was such a fantastic year and I just want it to stay that it will. Other than my sore foot life is wonderful. I have great friends and great family and a great husband and great children and I'm going to continue enjoying them. I have a feeling it is going to be a very exciting year. With my kids passing new milestones my anxiety was a little worked up but with the help once again from my husband I've been able to calm down and embrace these moments that have passed and the ones we are yet to face. Cohen is going for tests in September and I was really worried at first when I heard he went from the 70th percentile down to the 17th percentile and classified as failure to thrive. Scarey words for a mom. But if you look at this baby he's happy and active and goes nonstop and he's been walking for a few months and learning new things everyday so I'm not too concerned. Then there is this whole school thing, my daughter is so excited and hey I should be excited for her. The kids LOVES school, how many kids love school (I sure didn't) so I need to remain positive and hope that she continues to love it. Carter was sooooooooooo worried, how could he not be, he inherited my anxiousness, so I've mellowed it and helped him prepare for Kindergarten and he's soooo excited. I know I'll still cry his first day but I will wait until I am out of the school and on my way home ;0) Then there's my husband. He's SO busy with tons of projects on the go yet he still has time to play and help and not let his work consume him. I'm so proud of him and I'm so thankful that I don't have to ask him for anything. Like lately being on my feet too long or walking around too much hurts, he'll all of a sudden have the dinner dishes done or my laundry folded or the toys picked up in the living room and still play and visit and just let me put my feet up and rest and come surprise me with my favorite penny candies. This week is pretty low key which is nice. Tonight Emily is having a sleepover with her friend Chloe and they are being so good. They are quietly watching a movie and she just came upstairs to tell me it's almost over and then they are going to turn the lights out...nice. Carter went to bed so good because his little friend is coming over tomorrow to play. Cohen finally cut his top tooth YAY, maybe his appetite will increase and maybe he'll sleep a little better. I finally went for xrays on my foot so hopefully I hear back on what it is...I don't really care but whatever it is whether a sprain or break it has hurt like a bitch so I thought I would treat myself and go for a wonderful afternoon out to the dentist office and fix my sinking filling haha. Oh well at least it's getting taken care of. Justin might actually get a treat and play some vball with the neighbour. He's done so much around here he needs some fun time and that's a perfect stress reliever. Well Cohen is sleeping sweetly and that's my Q to do the same......Nighty night blogger world

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cohen's ONE!!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Here are some photo's of Cohen's 1st year in chronological order starting with his 1st week.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kindof a Booger Boo Day

Bleh sums up today. You know how you wake up in the morning all happy and looking forward to the day and then someone it all goes to poop and you're left shocked by nighttime saying WTF?? That's how I feel. For the past three months my week during ovulation has been horrid. I've had such pain and it's worrysome for me as I'm tired of being in pain and I'm down to one ovary I can't lose another :( So I was supposed to see my doctor today to discuss the pain and also for Cohen to have his 1 year checkup. I decided to go do a little shopping and cross somethings off my list of to do's so I got ready and off the kids and I went. When we got to Walmart I was so sore I thought yeesh kids we're going to do this quick so I can get home. I hate being a cranky sore mommy and the last thing I want to do is push it. So we went to the toy aisle to get Cohen's birthday present and it was on the highest shelf. No walmart worker around so I decided to get the big walker/car box off the shelf and let's just say it was an absolute disaster which resulted in a possible broken toe. So not only does my stomach hurt but now I can't walk. So we leave walmart, barely make it home and I got my husband to take us to the doctor (luckily he was working remotely today) so the doc says alright you need an xray but they close at 3 and it was 3:30 so he prescribed some wonderful pain meds. I know there isn't much the doc can do for a broken toe but damn it fricking hurts. I need my feet and my body to be in working condition so I can run after my kids. I'm a broken mommy and ugh it just sucks.

Another bit of suckiness is Cohen's checkup. It's tough being a parent when things aren't going well for a child. As a parents we are programmed needing to FIX EVERYTHING and when we can't it's devastating and stressful. So we thought Cohen was doing great, I mean he looks well, he's active he's happy. He doesn't have a very good appetite when it comes to solids and he hasn't been sleeping but we thought maybe it's his teeth (which still haven't cut through). 3mths ago Cohen was sick and had lost a little bit of weight which is to be expected he was weighed in at 9.1kgs and his height was in the 70th percentile. Well he's gone from being in the 70th percentile to the 17th percentile. He hasn't grown in height and his weight only changed from 9.1kgs to 9.3kgs. So hopefully this isn't anything major I pray that it isn't anything but a simple oopsy in his diet. He has to see a pediatrician and have some bloodwork done and I'm in a state of panic. I know things are probably alright but it's the possibility and waiting it out.

For the rest of my crew, Carter got bonked by a shopping cart and skinned his knee (thank goodness for ratatouille bandaids) and Emily got sick from her McDonald's lunch (no more) and Justin awww my dear husband who has held up our fort yet again. He had to tend to everything at home while trying to get his work finished. My dresser drawer got stuck and when I got it shut my snow globe fell off and shattered all over the floor. Plus his mom isn't doing well. The stress keeps piling on. My MIL who has dementia has been getting really angry with us lately for no reason or "made-up" reasons and it's stressful because there is nothing we can do with that either. It is 11:51PM and there is 9 minutes left in this day THANK GOD IT IS ALMOST OVER!!! In times like these I sit and question God. What? Why? You've got to be kidding me?? And it hits me now that these burdens need to be lifted up to the only ONE who can make a difference. I need to curl up and pray and just pray myself to sleep.... "Night"

Friday, August 10, 2007

Eeee motions

Lately my emotions are just all over the place. I think I'm coming down from the high of vacationing. A homesickness hangover. I've been thinking so much about family lately and it's just making me ache inside. I have been going through all our photo's the ones taken before my husband broke the camera by accident haha it was kind of funny and thank goodness my sisters camera was near by to take over. I'm sad, I'm sad how fast time is zooming by and I'm mad about that and bummed. Get this, baby Cohen is going to be ONE in 13 flipping days. Emily is starting grade 4, Carter in Kindergarten everybody is aging and I'm nearing 30. Ok so maybe I won't be 30 for a few years yet but still....

Counting to 10

Taking a deep breath

AHhhhhh thinking positive now

I'm going to post a link and please enjoy the photo's as much as I do

I miss you and love you all xo

Monday, August 06, 2007


In English,

We have officially decided as a family to never do it again ugh... To be honest I'm not even sure if we can call it a vacation it was more a drivathon. Alberta and Saskatchewan were alright but we are going to choose not to be eaten alive by mosquito's next time...and really we drive hours and hours and hours to be around grouchy people, wicked flies and horrid mosquitos and straight boring roads haha. We ended up making a quick trip to Saskatoon and when we got there we were so sad that once again we had no time to really visit. There are so many people we want to see and catch up with and a day and a half just doesn't allow that to happen. I'm sorry to those that wanted to get together and I couldn't boooo booo :0(((

However there were a lot of positive things about the trip. One of the hardest was leaving my father in law, he's such a dear and sweet man and just adore my children and he always buys chocolate ;0) Leaving my grandparents was also pretty tough for me, one of the hardest things I have to do each time I leave. I've always been so attached to my grandparents and seeing them age is so hard on me. I got to spend some great quality time with each of them and that I will cherish always. I really wish I could freeze time and enjoy those moments a little longer.

I'm finished thinking of all the negative things about our trip so here are ONLY the positives
I got to spend hours and hours and hours beside my husband....I loved it. I could just sit and stare at him forever!!
We had our children all to ourselves for hours and hours and hours, no friends or them running all over the place playing just us together as a family.
We camped for the first time together as a family and my children used the outhouse for the first time and now they really appreciate toilets haha.
Baby Cohen is running and running up and down hills too!!
Seeing my kids snuggle up with their grandparents.
Celebrating my Grandparents 50th Anniversary and spending time with relatives I have barely seen in years.
Enjoying some time with my other grandparents in Waskesiu.
Visiting the magic log in the wood and sharing it with my kids
Eating icecream many many times at the Big Olaf in Waskesiu
Going for a boat ride and watching my children tube hhahaha it was HILLARIOUS. They were so brave is was awesome. Emily was bouncing all over the place and she wouldn't quit.
Spending some quality time with my nephew, I'm laughing already thinking of him and his contant noise making hehe
My brother, a relationship that is forming and finally being able to share life with him and just have fun, it was great and watching him play with my kids was just fantastic.
Hunting for icecream with my sister at 10:30 and seeing her reaction when she saw my kids after so long.
My mom's cooking....MMMMMMMMMM I miss it
My dad's contant giggle hahaha....I'm so glad I inherited it!!
Taking my children to the Nature Center and helping them learn about our environment in a fun way and watching their imaginations just soar, especially the silly puppet show they put on. Carter made a great skunk.
Speaking of skunks we saw our first skunk camping with my in laws, I thought it was a duck in the bushes until it really showed itself haha
Driving in Saskatoon, we drove all over reminising
Seeing the people we saw. One of my friends was home from China and I had no idea she was still there unitl she sent me a quick note on facebook so we got in touch and saw eachother for 2 minutes literally, we parked outside her house, had a hug and a picture and then we had to book it to Turtle Lake.
We celebrated Cohen's 1st birthday a month early since we were around family and it was great. We had a weenie roast in a cook shack in Waskesiu with some yummy desserts and then we gave him a mini cheesecake my mom made and sang happy birthday. It was so cute, he sure didn't like the cheesecake or getting dirty.

One thing I really realized over our holidays was how important my family is to me and what I want to give my children in the future, how I want to be when they have kids and their kids have kids. My poor husband just felt sick after driving so many hours and we realized its just too hard on the children so from now on PEOPLE YOU COME TO US!!!!!!

We broke our camera and at first I was bummed cuz I thought OH NO I lost th epictures and then realized I have a memory card hopefully I can get them off the camera and then I will collect the photos from everyone that took pics after.

My cleaner came over and did a wonderful job on my home today and I'm all caught up on my laundry and I'm completely unpacked and my kids are in bed and I'm going to enjoy laying on my couch and watch a movie ahhhhhhhhh the small things in life are just so very enjoyable to me ;0)