Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wedding Bells

to the neighbour boy Riley Smith.

So our daughter and the neighbours boy Riley have been playing together since we've moved out here. Riley is one year older than Emily he's a sweet kid. At first it started off as a little friendship and now as Carter puts it...."it's love, they just look at eachother with love".

Riley picks Emmy up for school every morning and if he's late or unable to make it he calls ahead of time and then as soon as school is out they are inseparable. Just as of the past week Riley started calling Emily "Tootsie" and every time he rides his bike past our house he yells out "toot toot" "toot...tootsie" until she notices him then he smiles at her and rides off. So today after school they were playing truth or dare or double dare, or promises. Riley got the promise and he said "here's a promise for you Emily, I promise in 20 yrs to marry you" She was completely shocked and happy. She said "but Riley when we are in highschool you'll probably find a new girlfriend" He said "no you'll be my girlfriend and please don't ever move away because if you do I'll be sad and have to come and get you" She said "I won't move away but a lot can change in 20 yrs" hahahahaha Oh man and then she asked if they could have a sleepover WHAT?? Justin's eyes have completely bugged out at this point. Then she goes on to tell us that they were daring eachother but nothing dangerous she says only good things. So he dared her to hug him and she was all nervous so she only put one arm around him and he said...Emily both arms, I'd really like a hug. Then he dared her to hold his hand.

YIKES.....We as parents were expecting this in 20 yrs but not at age 8. It's cute but on the other hand we really need to be watching these two.

So Justin and I were thinking maybe we should invite our soon to be In-laws over for a drink and a "what the heck are your son's intentions" talk. ;)

We'll keep everyone posted as to the upcoming date (hopefully in 20yrs) I'm not even ready to start thinking about make up and mixed dances let alone wedding plans.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


So my son is into grossing people out...especially girls (not cool).
Today we were sitting down getting ready to play some family games when I notice Carter is picking his nose. I say "Carter stop picking" He says "no mom I love boogers....I really love boogers" .... I told him to go get a kleenex and he looks at me and says "but why when they taste as good as pizza." EWWWWWWWW.

For the record he is not a booger eater just a tricker well I have yet to see him actually eat a booger and I'll be so grossed out if he ever does.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Been a busy bee

Wow I'm finally sitting down. YAY!!!

Cohen has been keeping me on my toes. The little guy won't sleep but on the bright side of that is he's not cranky. See Cohen just cut his first tooth and his second one is going to cut through tonight or in the next few days. So it seems like when the tooth is right at the surface he won't sleep. But oh well at least he's not screaming right!!

So the past few weeks have been busy but a good blessed busy. First of all we had my mom and grandma out. Cohen was sick with an ear infection then what we thought was rubella but the test came back negative so it was just some weird viral infection and then cut his tooth. We had our friends from Saskatoon out for a visit, Mike Jackie and baby Julia. They left Wednesday morning. Oh what fun that was games, hardy falls, bbq's and the naramata festivities. Emily's May Pole dancing was a success. It was so adorable. The Mayday weekend was awesome. It was all centered around the children and making them feel like they are very important to the community. I just love living here. So we're taking this weekend to get caught up on housework and hopefully organize the garage and just spend some good quality family time. It is so hard when friends and family go we dip into a bit of a funk and we miss them all terribly so it will be good to just have some cuddle time fun time this weekend and think happy thoughts. And hopefully more family and friends will come out soon.

So I should give a little background on exactly what went down on Mayday. It's Naramata's centennial year so the theme was pioneer days. People dressed up just like they did 100 yrs ago. However 84 yrs ago Naramata started the village tradition of holding the may pole dance on Mayday. Sure sure some of you are wondering (but eewww isn't that a pagan celebration) it may have been once upon a time but not here in Naramata. They don't take it to that extreme. It's so cute. The little girls dress up and wear flower wreaths and the little boys wear suspenders and pioneer caps and they skip around the May Pole bowing to one another and make patterns on the pole with colorful ribbons. It's adorable. The grade 5's vote for a may queen and the rest of the grade 5 girls become the princesses so no one is left out. The Queen does a speech and then let's the festivities begin. We had a bag pipe band begin the procession and lead all the children to the center of all our attention. A little highland dancer did a number as well. They had bike decorating contests, and silver spoon races, soap box racing and much much more. Then in the evening was the Queen's Ball. The Queen and all the Princesses walk around the hall with their daddy's and do a special dance to the naramata waltz and then they had a littl ebit of folk dancing and it was topped off with a teen rock band. The kids had a blast dancing around and letting loose.

So I have some photo's of our happenings lately. They are gooders. Now I'm going to pleasantly sign off to enjoy a fine glass of wine and a bath and read Shopaholic and Baby.

Have a super-di-duper weekend!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Better better better!!!!

Just to update everyone Cohen is 110% better. It's so nice to see him back to his normal self. It was such a scarey time for us. We've had our scares with Emmy, then Carter and now Cohen and we got through it then and we got through it now. I was just so happy today seeing all my kids running around getting into trouble and just being themselves. Life is back to normal. Cohen is cutting a tooth now but it's not giving him any grief. Thank goodness.

We have a fun weekend coming up with the Naramata May Day celebrations. It's the centennial year and the village has some pretty cool things happening. As usual it will kick off with our three float parade *snicker* (it's cute though) then we walk down to Manitou park and Emily will be participating in the Maypole dancing. She's dressing up all fancy with flowers in her hair. Carter's preschool is having a fundraising bake sale so I get to bake some thing yummy for that and try selling it (if I don't eat it first). Justin is going to attempt to get the garage all organized which I am excited for...yay we will be able to walk in it without tripping over 15 boxes. We also have some friends from Saskatoon visiting the area and they should be at our place any day. They have a little 6 mth old and it will be so cute to introduce their little baby with our baby.

Now that my caffeine high has worn off I should hit the hay. Here are a few photo's I took of Emmy and Carter on Mother's Day. Cohen was having a nice sleep finally so I was a nice mom and didn't bug him with the camera.

Nighty Night...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Quickie

I don't have much time to post as the baby is not sleeping very long. But I thought I would do a quick update and post some pictures for you guys.
Last week my mom and grandma flew out for a visit. Cohen was sick with an ear infection so we spent a lot of time at home, but it was good we did a lot of visiting and just hanging out. They left on Tuesday and I'm missing them like crazy. It was so nice to have family around. OH well we'll be home soon, July is just around the corner.
Thursday morning the baby was showing signs of feeling better from the ear infection and then all of a sudden and I mean the snap of a finger I laid him down on the change table and his body started breaking out into spots...they were just popping out like popcorn. All of a sudden his entire body was covered head to toe in a matter f 5 minutes. We took him to the hospital right away and at first thought it was an allergic reaction to the meds he was on...(c'mon 7days later that's a little late) so I not being satisfied drove over to our family doc's and had him examined again. Conclusion to that was a virus of some sort and to just keep an eye on him but in hours the rash worsened and Cohen was screaming and crying and rolling all over the floor in discomfort so 7pm Thurs night I took him back to the ER and the doc's did some researching and a lot of examining and came up with Rubella. Cohen has had his immunizations up-to-date but he's not fully covered until he's 1yr. Poor guy has had such a rough week. Finally after 36 hrs of no sleep Cohen crashed last night at 7 for an hour and a half...phewfff Justin and I thought we were going to keel over let alone how the poor baby was feeling. This morning when Cohen woke up it looks like the rash is starting to heal downwards just like it started. His forehead and top of his head and his nose are clear and from his nose down he's covered so much that you can barely see the color of his flesh. The bumps are turning into large red welts that are hot to the touch. He feels feverish but when we take his temp he's fine. This is a crazy virus. We've taken him back to the doctor since and he said to just keep checking in with him and hopefully the virus will be gone in 3-5 days. Thank God we have a very compassionate doctor who communicates well with nervous parents because Justin and I have been so scared and just beside ourselves with worry and the doc just says keep coming in before or after hours so I can reassure you.
Here are some before and after pictures of Cohen and some pictures of my visit with my family.

First day of virus

Day 2 of virus

Finally sleeping after 36 hours of being awake...such a tired baby

Cohen watching veggie tales in the laundry basket.

My mom walking with the baby.

Grandma Rose and her Luscious Lemon Poke Cake...mmmmmmm to die for.

4 Generations

Coloring time.

Emily with Grandma Rose

Carter playing in the dirt as usual

Cohen in his bumbo

The clan except for Justin...he's shooting the photo

Today...going for a bike ride with dad

That's all for now...enjoy your weekend and thank you for all of your prayers!!!