Friday, January 26, 2007

Off the bookshelf...

So as you can see my new fav author is indeed Sophie Kinsella. I was introduced to Confessions of a Shopaholic during my time on bedrest, since then I have not been able to put her books down. I am so anxious to get on to the next read before I am even done the one I have in my hands. So far I have read the ones above...well I'm currently on Shopaholic and Sister. Left to read of Shopaholic and Baby which comes out in February and Undomestic Goddess. If you are looking for a chick flick in a book these are perfect. Start from the beginning though. On that note I'm off to enter the shopaholic world.... Oh but first I should clarify I am not a Shopaholic...complete opposite, I just love reading about it. I would like to go shopping if I had the time and energy...speaking of which I do need some new socks. Alright...books awaiting. Nighty night!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Luvin's

My favorite time of the day is watching my children play together. These three little people have so much love in their hearts it's breathtaking. Justin and I feel so blessed to have the gift of loving them. I"m so proud at how they are growing into such loving and caring children.

We've had a lot going on in our home lately. I have been quite sleep deprived and lately I feel like a walking disaster. It's not a bad busy it's a good busy. I mean Carter is one busy lil dude. He needs a lot of attention where as Emily is a lot more independent and helpful. Cohen is a really really good baby but he needs a lot of stimulation so I can just let him stay in one spot for too long and he always needs to be played with which is rightly so...I mean he is a little baby. Kids are kids they need their mom's and dads and they need their play time and I am happy that I am around to give them that and when Justin's home from work he does the same. But I have started to really sacrifice my own needs to keep me sane like taking time out to just be calm and still and reenergize. I can't possibly nap because as soon as I shut my eyes someone calls my name. I guess thats part of the fun of being a parent. Cohen plays until midnight or later then finally goes to bed for a few hours which is nice. The other two are in bed usually around 7 or 7:30 so I can get some chores done in the evening or just sit and be with my husband.

Here is what sleep deprivation has done to me....
I still don't have my Christmas cards out...which they are coming. I'm going to try and get them out before Friday.
I find when I do have a few minutes I am just dazed and confused and stare off into space.
I find myself rocking back and forth and singing lullaby songs waiting in check outs.
I have really meaningless conversations with cashiers and pretty much talk and talk until the next person in line is pushing me out of the way.
I can't concentrate on anything.

Oh the funny yet scarey thing that happened lately due to lack of concentration and just mere stupidity was I was grocery shopping on Monday with the boys and Carter decided he wanted to be a super helper and was pretty much putting anything and everything into the cart for me. Well I was just trying to make sure he was with me and not playing in the pistachio bin and as I'm turning into the new aisle my cart get's stuck. Now picture this...heaping cart full of groceries, baby carrier latched on top, potatoe's and juiceboxes underneath and a 4 yr old that I'm trying to get to follow along when all of a sudden I get stuck... Hmmm I think it's my potatoes (background I can hear screaming but am deaf to it) so I keep pushing my cart....what the heck it's stuck...dangit. So I go around the cart hoping to pick up a back of squashed potatoes...NO....NO POTATOES BUT A DEAR OLD GRANNY. Oh goodness. Tears, panic and humiliation and guilt that oh boy I hurt this innocent lady trying to get food from the bottom shelf...She was once sqwating but when I was done with her she was right on her side. She didn't want me to stick around and keep apologizing she ordered me on my way and advised I be done shopping soon as I had enough in my cart. :(

I have been housebound since. For one because my baby has been sick since last tuesday and second I'm scared to go anywhere. I sure hope I don't turn into an agoraphobic. We are slowly on the mend. Which will be nice to finally have healthy children. My mother in law turned 56 today and I want to make her dinner and a cake and have her spend time with her "healthy" grandkids so she doesn't get sick. Poor lady...when she gets sick because she is in a nursing home she has to be confined to her room pretty much. Not fun. So the last thing I want to give her for her bday is a cold.

The kids are still doing good even while strugglin through their colds. Cohen turned 5mths today. He is learning so much. He has discovered his lil toes. He sat for the first time with no help. He loves to stand. He is crazy about his older brother and sister. He has his own little quirks. He has to have daddy time at exactly 5:30 every day. Justin holds Cohen his own special way. He hates his feet covered. He loves blankies. He loves a blanky snuggled up right beside his cheek. He is 15 1/2 lbs and over 24 inches long. He likes bananas but isn't sure about apples and could care less about barley cereal...I wonder what he will think of rice.

Well it is now 1am and I am exhausted and Cohen just went off to dreamland so I should be going there as well. Nighty Night!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year

Wow 2007, It feels so funny saying it and writing it. Recently I have still caught myself writing 2005 on cheques. I have been trying to sit and write a blog for awhile now but I always get tugged away from the computer. Hopefully I can get this sent out in one sitting.

What's happening in the Seitz home you ask? Well you will soon find out when you receive our Christmas cards which are still sitting on my table (oopsie I know) but they are coming. My thoughts on that are why do we only celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ one month out of the year....why not any month. It will be a good reminder when you finally receive the card in the mail in February. OK I AM SORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me...I do genuinely feel bad for not getting them out. It's not that we don't think you aren't important or you aren't loved or thought's I just can't seem to get my poop in a group in some areas of my life. I know it has been over 4 mths since I had Cohen but I am still trying to get back to "normal". I thought coming off of bedrest and facing the world again that it would be hunky dory. But lemme tell you's hard. I mean I love being able to be out and about and run errands and clean and play and I love my children to pieces but when you are confined to a room most of your days it's hard to all of a sudden face the world like you used to. I used to be supermom. My laundry was done, house cleaned, children played with, shopping, groceries, supper made and a few desserts. I'm struggling not being in tip top shape. I'm trying I really am...which is why I haven't rehired my cleaner.

Enough of that is what else is going on in the household and not just in my crazy mind ;0)

Justin: We just hit a new milestone in our marriage. He finally let me cut his hair...with the promise that if I botched it up he could just shave it all. I'm happy to say it was indeed a success and he was just as handsome after as before. He just got word today that he was approved to write another article which is awesome for him. One a bummer note he came home from volleyball tonight with a broken finger. Last year he broke his pinky finger on his left hand and tonight he broke his pinky finger on the right hand. He is at the hospital right now as I type....hoping and praying he won't have to have it reset.

Emily: Getting more and more beautiful by the day. She is turning into such a lovely little lady. A very kind heart. Since starting her new school she has been bothered by a few bullies. It was getting so bad that she was coming home for lunch to get away from it. Finally Justin was no this is coming to an end and he wanted to go and talk to Em's teacher. However she felt the need to address the issue on her 8. (I still can't address my own issues) Anyways she handled it with firmness and kindness. She told the girl she didn't like her attitude and that it wasn't fair she be treated like that and that if she wanted to be played with than she needs to be nice to her and the other kids. Sure enough that did it. The little girl has been nice since Emily stood up for herself. We always teach the kids that You should always keep the door open when people seek forgiveness. SO Emily invited the "once" bully over for a playdate and it was a great time for all the kids. I am so proud of how grown up she acted over the situation. She could have chose to hold a grudge but she decided it's best to let it go. Forgive and move on. WWJD What Would Jesus Do...right? His door is always open so why shouldn't ours.

Carter: Funny...Funny...Funny. Carter knows how to make people laugh. Oh it's never a dull moment around here. He has enjoyed being back at Preschool. He was a little worried though, The Christmas break is so long to these lil guys. For us it's 2wks but for them it's forever. He thought everything was going to change and he didn't want to go back. However the moment he walked through the classroom doors and saw all his friends he was happy. He was only disappointed in the fact that he still DOES NOT have homework. He got a science experiment book for Christmas and it's like a taste of heaven for that boy. His passion for explosion has been getting a little worrysome thought. He thinks everything and anything should be exploded. Ooooh I hope we can curve that one. If we're lucky he will stick to baking soda, vinegar and water.

Cohen: Growing Growing! Oh time flies when you have kids. Cohen is growing out of all his clothes, so I'm going to hit the consignment store and see what kind of cool deals I can find. Cohen is now over 15lbs and a little over 24 inches long. He's cooing and razzing, smiling and giggling so much. He reminds me a lot like how Emily was when she was a baby...more interested in being a big kid that a baby. Cohen could stand all day and I really think he will be walking before he crawls. He got an Intellitainer play gym for Christmas and he just loves standing in it and playing the keyboard. He has also blessed his parents with sleep. Emily and Carter were both collicky and they never slept through the night. Cohen loves his crib and he likes his naps. He has an early nap after supper and then he's up to play until about Midnight and then he's in his crib and sleeps until 5 sometimes 6 if we're lucky. It would be really nice if he would go to bed around 8 and sleep until 6 but I can't ask for too much. The fact that it's more than an hour is good for me.

Well I should try and lay down. Sit by the phone and wait to hear how Justin is doing. I have taken up reading....yes you heard correctly I READ!! Especially since I got my new glasses with the pink tinted frames...oh it helps my eyes so much. I have really been enjoying books by Sophie Kinsella. She wrote the Shopaholic series. Great books. I'm trying to read more to break my nasty As The World Turns soap addiction. It's pathetic...I have started feeling for the Characters. So I'm going to start my lent early and try and say goodbye to trashtv and read more.

Well before my babbles become utter babble Goodnight. We miss you and We love you and God Bless you!!