Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Canada!!

I love July 1st. I love Canada Day. The little festivities towns and cities throw are so fun and seeing everyone drive around with our country's flag on their cars and the fireworks to end the day. I just love it all. I love being a Canadian. I just started watching NHL hockey games on tv. I have never been a huge fan of it before because I found it too confusing one minute the puck is here the next there. I watched hockey games much better in an arena...mind you I've never been to an actual NHL game. However I found it absolutely breathtaking listening to Canadians sing the national anthem. I could go on and on about my love love's for being Canadian but I'll leave it at this.

Well I'm 30 wks along now which is AMAZING. Whew...never thought I'd get here. Thank you thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement. Our support network has definitely grown and has help imensly in the progress of this pregnancy. To think the baby could be here any day and he would be okay. I mean he'd need some medical care but not as much as if he was born at say...26wks. Now that I don't have to be confined to my house and bed/couch I feel so much happier. I can start enjoying this pregnancy before it ends which is nice. I mean I still can't do a lot of things or over do it or shop or get groceries but seriously....just being out and about visiting or making the odd short outing is WONDERFUL!!! However now that some of my emotions are tucked under my pillow a whole new stream of worries are approaching. I've been a little apprehensive about the arrival of our baby. I went through the same thing when I was about to have Carter I was worried about taking time away from Emily. In the end it all balanced itself out naturally and my love for both children was equal and whole. But for some reason I'm worried about this baby. I mean I'm comfortable loving my two kids and it's easy to split time with them or share time with Justin. Now with a third in the mix what if I leave one kid out or something. I know I'm worrying for nothing but I still worry. I just want all kids to feel loved and have equal amount of fun time with me and their dad.

Well what else is new in the Seitz home....hmmm well Emily is officially finished grade 2. AHHHH <----that's me screaming blog style. My little girl is growing so fast. I can't believe she'll be in grade 3. It just blows me away. What else blows me away is the kids report card. WHOA my goodness. She has always been smart and she remains smart and she just excels at things like reading beyond a grade 3 level and outstanding in math and everything else. I'm just so proud. She tries so hard in school and she actually really enjoys learning which is such a bonus. Carter is so happy to finally have his sister home for playtime during the day. He missed her everyday she would be off for school. He would see her off on the step and then ask throughout the day everyday....when's Emily comin home. It's cute. As much as they can fight they get a long and play far better and more often. Carter learned the word "buggar" today at Gramma's nursing home. Gramma let it slip that someone was being a little buggar so Carter not knowing that it wasn't a good word to repeat called one of the little grannies a litte buggar because they were being silly. Thank goodness the little granny took no offense and forgot he even said it after he said it but still I hope it doesn't come up again. I tried explaining that's a bad word and it makes people sad if they are called a buggar.

Well I think I'm going to call it a night for now. I'm going to update again this weekend. Tomorrow we might go down to Gyro park for some Canada Day celebrations and possibly a pancake breaky early in the AM. I love having Justin home on the weekends because I can get out and do stuff. He just wheels me around in a wheel chair and we have a blast doing family activities. So I"ll take lots of photos and post them. I'm going to get back to my book CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC. It's funny, it reminds me of Bridget Jones. I'm anxious to finish the novel because I want to get on some Karen Kingsbury books. So on that note sweet snoozies to you all and meet you back here sometime this weekend.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Family Fun Day!

Saturday it was so hot here it got up to +36 so we decided we best hit the beach. It was so much fun. I relaxed on my little beach chair like usual and watched the kids have fun with their dad in the water. It was a great time. The kids were so happy to have their dad splash around and chill with them. They did a little swimming, a little sand playing, a little snacking and a little chillaxing. We were there for about 2 1/2 hrs and I tell ya being pregnant and out in that strong heat is CrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZyyyyyy but the memories were worth every second of it. One thing we can't get sick of living out here in Penticton is the beach time. Every time we head to the beach we're reminded of how far we'd have to drive in Sask to a decent beach and here it's like a 2 minute drive. Here are some photo's we took at Okanagan Beach.

Well I better get in the shower and get cleaned up. I haven't been to church in months so Justin is taking me this morning. I'm so excited to go. The kids are anxious to show me what they have been doing in Sunday school. Happy Sunday!! God Bless you all!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Happy Birthday And A Happy Father's Day

We've had some pretty amazing days around the Seitz home. It all started with our sons birthday party on Saturday. It was great. So much fun!! Carter has never really had many friends or a chance to have an actual birthday party that didn't consist of adults and the only kid being his sister. This year was different. Carter has made a few friends so far in Penticton and it was so much fun giving him the birthday he wanted...."a normal birthday". I wasn't really able to do a whole lot because of having to remain on bedrest, however I did have to cheat a little though. I got up a little on my feet and layed outside and visited with the parents and just took in the glory of little people running crazy in my yard. My sister and Justin did an outstanding job throwing the party. It was a beautiful hot day so we had the Slip 'n' Slide out and some wet water balls. The kids had a lot of fun and burned a lot of energy. Then we had the kids do a treasure hunt for outdoor goodies like bugs and weeds. Carter couldn't stay away from his presents any longer so we did gift opening and then had cupcake birthday cake we made in the shape of a 4. I was so amazed at how Justin interacted with all the kids that day. We had 10 kids including Emily and Carter. He was running around like a kid himself and kept them really organized and entertained, my sister did all the running in and out of the house and fetching anything that needed to be fetched and helped Justin with the activities. Here are some of Carter's highlights. One being the frog our friends Kristin and Eric gave him. Second the brief case with goodies from Auntie Jenna and Uncle Justin.

Here's my hubby on Father's Day. He was doing ultimate daddy duty that day. Normally Dad's will take some time of their own on father's day and instead Justin surrounded his activities around and with the kids. They had such a fun day. Justin took Emily and Carter to Walmart to buy new bikes and helmets and then took them out on our back cement pad and taught them how to ride their bikes. It was so cute and so special. The kids cherished every moment of that. Carter learned how to push on his pedals and Emily got a bit gash on her leg and learned to be brave and get back up and try. She tried and tried until she finally rode her bike perfectly. To date they are practicing harder so they can graduate to the sidewalk in the front yard. The picture of Justin above is him cooking his father's day dinner. We had chicken fingers, onion rings, and fries. Funny thing was is one of the onion rings fell off the pan and caused a fire in the oven. The flames got about 5 inches high it was hillarious. We topped the night off with a couple treatza pizza's from DQ. Here are some photo's of the kids and their new bikes. It was the perfect Father and child bonding moment.

I would also like to extend a very special Happy Father's Day to my dad Jeff McNaught. Not only has he become my role model but also my husbands. He is a wonderful man who is so humble and his unconditional love has no end.

*sniff* Ibetter sign off before I cry over these photos anymore.
Love you all!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Butt What??

Okay so we had a very interesting outing at the beach yesterday. Which is awesome because being under house arrest the smallest of the smallest things are enjoyable. So I was laying on my beach bed taking pictures when all of a sudden this woman bends over right in my plain view. I just ignored it for awhile but she kept doing it. So I thought well I gotta snap this. It was either that or a mister creepo sitting on a bench behind us. He was sending this little boy over to my kids offering them timbits when he says to my sister, that man wants you to come and talk to him right now. My sister says, who is that man, is it your daddy. The boy replies, nope it's not my daddy that's kevin and he wants to talk to you. AHHHHH!!!! He kept yelling things too that we couldn't really make out. It was just bizarre.

Now the day before this my sister took me to the beach as well and it was once again entertaining but not by humans...but ducks and seagulls. They kept coming closer and closer and closer and the picture above of me with the ducks right after that shot the duck jumped up at me. We were surrounded by birds we seriously thought we were going to get attacked. It was a laugh fest I tell ya.

Oh I better go, My sister and the kids just came back from another beach trip and they have stories of some drunk druggy getting arrested. Hmmmmmmm...... stay tuned for more crazy penticton beach stories.......

Monday, June 12, 2006

Today is a good day!

Yay for a good day!! Finally. My poor husband probably has no clue how to handle my happy self. I've been in such a pooper lately I don't even recognize my happy self either ;0)

I had my weekly checkup with the doctor and everything was great. My doctor was happy with the progress I've been making for once. Dr. Rublee did her weekly ultrasound and our little boy looked so cute and happy and healthy. It was nice to see improvement for a change. Because I've been so good and staying off my feet and taking my bedrest seriously I've been able to stay out of the hospital for 2 wks. Party Time!!.....well not quite ;0) I'm still stuck on bedrest indefinitely but a more modified less strict bedrest under the condition that I stay out of trouble and out of the hopsital. Same thing goes if any more problems occur or contractions progress then to Vancouver I go. For the meantime though things are looking up. I'm allowed an outing here and there as long as it's via wheelchair and with a friend or my husband. I'm also allowed to be more reclined throughout the day as long as I lay on my left side for a full hour in the AM and a full 2hrs in the PM. The rest of the time I can switch sides, lay reclined, sit up and even lay on my outside lounge chair. I have to really watch my body and any sign on cramp or contraciton I have to get on my left side right away or in the hospital. But I promise not to overdo it at all. One good thing about being on bedrest is I have really gotten to know my body and all it's little aches and twinges and what to take seriously and what is just gas or baby movements. I also know now that a good appointment doesn't mean go shopping for 3 hrs and do housework, cook dinner and get down and dirty with the hubby. I know that NONE of that is possible and just to enjoy even a little wheely here and there or to be able to change rooms. I feel less like a prisoner right about now and more like a human. It's still hard but I'm trying to look at more of the positive side of things.

One another good sister and Justin have started the nursery. YAY!!!!!!! I love my husband to pieces and I give him credit for trying to do what he is doing but let's face work and renovations are just not his thing. He also kinda likes to procrastinate a little haha so my sister helped him get on track and they did an awesome job. They have the first coat on and they should have it finished before my sister leaves....which would be great.

Countdown is also on for Carter's 4th birthday. I can't believe how much time has passed. It's so crazy to think about. I totally wish there was a way to bottle up my kids and preserve their childhood. My sister is helping prepare Carter's party. So far there are 8 children invited so I wonder who will attend and who won't. I just hope it's a fun, sunny day so we can bring out the slip n slide and have a good hyper party in the outdoors. Oh Jenna is so busy....poor girl. She is so happy helping though. However Carter just peed his pants (by accident he says) and left a puddle on the floor so lucky Jenna gets to do her first peepee cleanup. She has totally taken on the job of a full fledged mommy roll and she totally rocks at it. For a young university student I'm sooooooooo amazed at how awesome she is at running a household and parenting my children. It's always harder dealing with other peoples kids too and you can't tell with her.

Well I better get this blog posted and see what's happenin in the life of Oprah!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Jenna's Here!!

So my sister is here FINALLY. She flew in Saturday June 3rd. The days leading up to her arrival seemed to take forever. Then just as she gets on her plane she's ordered to get off the plane...along with all the other passengers. Seems as though there was a bomb scare which turned out to be a ticking alarm clock. But after the airport took necessary precautions it was too late for Jenna to get on the flight, or she would have had to stay alone in Calgary, so she flew out the next day instead.

It has been awesome having her here. She's been running all our errands, cooking and cleaning and keeping my kids super entertained which is a huge blessing because I can't right now. Today she is accompanying Emily to her Sports Day at school and the Family BBQ. It's so nice because I had so much fun doing it with the kids last year that it saddened me she'd have to do it alone but not anymore...Auntie Jenna to the rescue. She is also helping Justin clean out and paint the baby's nursery and helping Carter plan his 4th birthday party. I just wish I could keep her longer...but then again she has to get back to her reality of work and life too. I'm so thankful for all the help though. It's been so calming having her around. I've really been able to be on bedrest properly and get the rest I need which I wouldn't have been able to without her here.

She's definitely been a witness to my emotional outbursts and tear fests. I thought it would totally frighten her and send her packing but she's so comforting. Ok now I really don't want her to leave (maybe I could kidnap her). I get so sad cuz I wish I could be out and about with her and have fun with her other places other than my couch. I'm hoping the doctor might allow me some minor activity since I've been so good and have stayed out of the hospital for 2 wks. Wishful thinking I know....but I can dream. Oh well I guess if I can't do anything I'll have to have a major celebration after the baby is born.

Oh yeah i just met the 26 wk of pregnancy mark which mean my baby is viable if born anytime now. I mean we definitely want him to stay in as long as possible but at least the doctors can help him stay alive and healthy now. So one milestone I've been now to get to 36 wks and have my stitch removed....then the baby can come. Thanks again for your continuous prayers on my pregnancy, it's definitely helping because really in all end there is only so much bedrest can do....the good Lord is taking care of it all.

I'll get my sister to take some photo's of the kids during their fun day today and post some later.
Till then............

Friday, June 02, 2006

I JUST WANT TO SCREAM.........................

.....but I'll blog instead. I need to vent somehow or I am seriously going to admit myself in to the psych ward. I hate bedrest, I hate bedrest, I hate bedrest....I just can't say it enough. I am so emotionally torn because on one hand I want to do everything I can to keep this little unborn baby alive and healthy and on the other hand I just can't take one more day of being in my bed or on the couch. I have one more week to go for the baby to at least be viable in the outside world, and 8 wks of bedrest to keep the baby in so the doctors don't have to send me away to Vancouver and so the baby isn't stuck in NICU for two months.

I just hate this so much. I'm a hormonal headcase. I think I have some major depression issues going on and I just don't feel like myself. I want to be able to be a good mommy to Emily and Carter and a wife to Justin and I just can't. I have to sit on the sidelines. I want to enjoy my pregnancy and be out shopping and preparing for the baby and I can't. Yes that's right I'm feeling very sorry for myself right now and I'm sorry but I just can't help it. I can't stop crying everything is making be tear up or scream. I want to be happy and enjoy life and I don't see how I can do that being stuck in my house day after day after day. Even the more I eat the more upset I get cuz I can't walk around to exercise any of the extra weight off or to just keep in healthy shape. I can walk to the bathroom woohoo.

My sister is coming tomorrow, she was supposed to fly here tonight but crap happened at the airport and I feel bad for her. I just wish I could have fun with her while she's here....I don't want to end up crying the whole time resenting the fact that I can't do anything with her and the kids. I'm just getting too emotional I don't even want to type anymore....I'll try and write a happier tune tomorrow when I'm not such a basketcase.