Friday, January 25, 2008

Kicks of Joy

I'm 17 wks now and today I'm feeling a lot better. I went in for the Shirodkar stitch on Tuesday. It all went well, the doctor did an amazing job except I wasn't completely frozen by the spinal and I felt them cut and it just about shot me through the roof but I couldn't move my legs so I didn't get to far. After that it went fine. Normally I'm a nervous wreck and super scared. I was a little nervous and worried but I was alot calmer. The doctor that did the surgery has performed 2 others on me and I think that's why I felt so safe is I just trusted him so much. The after affects were a little different this time around, a lot more cramping and pain but I"ve been taking it easy and Justin has been helping with absolutely EVERYTHING which makes this recovery time that much easier.

After I had the surgery and was wheeled back to my room the nurse brought in the doplar to check on the baby. Justin and I waiting anxiously to hear the sweet sounds of our baby but nothing. She tried over and over and over and nothing. We started worrying because we've heard the heart beat on the doplar so many times but not this time. Luckily our doctor was in the next room and he rushed over to check with his portable ultrasound and there was our little baby with it's heart beating sweetly. He then checked the doplar and the thing was broken. Phewfffff. What a relief that was.

Since I've been home I've been feeling a lot of baby kicks and movements. I've been feeling little things here and for a couple weeks but they are stronger this week and Justin was able to feel some flutters ---- no they weren't gas bubbles either ;0)
The kicks are coming at the perfect time, it's always a little nerve wracking after surgery to wonder if the baby is ok and feeling the movements we know it is completely fine.
We are still unsure of the sex, when they checked on the ultrasound baby had it's legs closed and twisted so hopefully we'll find out in a week or so.

Well I best be going and resting some more.
Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I finally got over the silly hives and discovered it was from a Granny's turkey allergy. No more turkey for me that's for sure.

I finally felt rested and happy the ordeal was over and the pressure came on Friday night. Because I've had an incompetent cervix in the past I had stitches put in at 14wks. This pregnancy has been going so good and my cervix looked great so the doctor thought I might be able to get away with it. 2 wks ago I was measuring 3.81cm an yesterday only 2.09cm. Since the shortening happened in a short period of time I am booked in for my shirodkar stitch this afternoon. Better be safe than sorry.

When I had it with Carter and Cohen I was a nervous wreck and bawled the whole time. I was given a spinal but the doctors are opting to just knock me out this time around. Oh that would be wonderful. So for the next week I'm out of commission, lots of movies and books an sidoku and icecream lots of icecream. I'm so happy Justin is working from home now and that he's around to help with Cohen. I'll miss lifting the little man but hopefully it's just short term.

Off I go to pack up my gear for the waiting room.....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2008------sloooow down

I can't believe January is nearly over. I hope the rest of the year doesn't go as fast as the past few weeks have.

Justin accomplished his first week at home with productivity and peace. Not driving 3 extra hours a day has sure relieved a load off his shoulders and mine too. It is so nice having him home everyday for breakfast and coffee and dinner and early suppers.

We're still planning our move home. Somethings are going smoothly and others well are frustrating. We have decided to rent a home for the first little while. We were approved for a mortgage and we were so excited that we can buy our first home but we didn't want to try doing it long distance. This is something that needs to be experience with the kids and us walking through places with a realtor. The rental market however is so ridiculous. I can handle the increase of rental properties short term but what I can't handle is most places are half finished. No one is finishing their homes anymore. Finished home = more money but oh well something is sure to pop up soon. We don't anticipate finding a place until the beginning of february so we can have it bookef for March or April. I just want this part to speed up. I want to be in Saskatoon like yesterday...oh I'm craving the Keg, saskatoon asian, poverino's, samuraii. Jerry's icecream.

OH boy now my mouth is watering and I need food.....I'll post another time
what to eat ... what to eat...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Blessed Things 2008 Brings

I can't believe Christmas is oooover. I'm so sad, we had such a great time this year I didn't want it to be over and technically in our house it isn't, I still have my tree and all my decorations up. But I do realize I need to take them down soon....ESPECIALLY SINCE I NEED TO START PACKING FOR

So it all starts with this..
My husband has been working his butt off and it has finally paid off sooner than expected. I'm so proud of him and all his accomplishments and all we have to look forward to this year and the years after. He did this for our family and he always managed and continues to keep us his #1 while achieving his goals. The #1 Security/ hacking companies in the world offered Justin a job just before Christmas. It's amazing. He's still in shock. The craziest part is they only hire the best of the best in the world and he is now one of them. He officially starts this Monday and he gets to work remotely every day with the exception of speaking at conferences and what not. So because he is able to work remote we decided with all the stuff happening this year it would be best to move home.

We've always wanted to move home and now is our chance. We're so excited and we're so sad all at the same time. We live in an amazing village unlike no other and the people here have hearts of gold. I wish I could take the village with me and all it's ammenities but I can't. However this will be our vacation spot. We're sad to leave our friends and even sadder to have to leave ma behind :( My husband's mom is in a nursing home and because of her dementia and the outstanding place she is in we've been advised that it's best to keep her here where she feels at home. I still want to pack her up with us but I have to think what's best for her and we've had some memories we're going to cherish forever.

Our move date is March, whenever the movers can fit us in we go. So we are lining up a house and packing and preparing.... I can't wait to see all our friends and be with our family again.

Speaking of family, we had a very family holiday. Yesterday was our first empty nest day. First we had Justin's mom for Christmas Eve, then Justin's dad for Boxing week and his wife and his Aunt and Uncle and then my brother Nathan, sister Jenna and my brother in law Justin flew out for a week. We're not sure what to do without company anymore. Last night we just went to bed at 8.

The kids are doing wonderful. Cohen has new tricks up his sleeve everyday. Carter is keeping us entertained with his current defiance stage and Emily poor thing is becoming black and blue with all her falls but she is good and "in love".

Here is a bit of a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story.
Our sweet Emily has taken the breath away of our little neighbour boy. He just loves her and has for quite some time now. Christmas Day he brought her over a little ornament and a card with the words of thanks and I love you and you're my girlfriend. So sweet. She felt bad because we're moving and so after he left she called him on the phone and broke the news. :0( He told her that's ok, because one day he's going to find her and marry her. We talked to his mom and she said he's been crying every night and he's so torn that she is moving. And when she tells him to think happy thoughts he says it's worse. They are going to miss eachother so much but maybe one day he will find her like he says. I mean it really is only 9 years away. Justin and I were almost ready to just cancel the move, it broke our hearts that we were breaking theirs.

For Christmas we got a new camera, it's super sweet and I've been having too much fun with it. So much that I've taken almost 200 photo's already. I'll have to upload them all soon. IN the mean time here are a few from Christmas that Justin tested out. Enjoy and more will soon come :)

Blessing to you all this 2008!!!!

Carter being silly as always!!

Emily thrilled about all her new Hannah Montana stuff!!
Cohen's new camera pose...say cheese Cohen.............Cheeeeee

Santa Morning!