Monday, July 16, 2007

Consumed by Facebook

Facebook Facebook damn facebook.
It's totally consuming me. I've totally neglected my blog. Boo, I'm sorry to my readers!!!!
I guess I can't blame it all on facebook but life has just been busy lately. I forgot how busy it is when a little baby becomes so curious and then when I'm not running after Cohen I'm trying to do activities with Em and Carter. I have also started babysitting a couple days a week. Then there is the beach. Any spare moment we have we're at the beach. We finally bought the children life jackets and boogie boards and they have magically turned into FISH!! Emily has become so daring as soon as her life jacket goes on she has no fear jumping off the dock and swimming around the buoys. Carter finally swims. He was so shy of the water and he has so much fun now that he feels safe in his life jacket. It's been fun. We bought Cohen this cute little crab he sits in the water. He was born a beach bum.

We are getting ready for our trip home. We are pretty excited. I could do without the drive but why should I complain when Justin is the one that has to drive through the mountains ahhh, I am nervous already. We are going to try something a little different and leave in the evening in hopes that the kids will sleep and me too. We have been living out here for 2 years now and I am still petrified of mountain driving. We are a little anxious leaving Justins mom behind. We have not been away from her long and it is hard to think she will be here all by herself. But we do need the break too. For those that do not know Justins mom is in a nursing home for dementia at the young age of 56. She has been sliding so fast and it has been so hard on us especially my husband who is the only child around.

Justin and I celebrated another wedding anniversary on the 10th. It was so much fun. We are at such a fun stage in our relationship. With Cohen it is still hard to leave sometimes so we make do at home and with going back to SK we wanted to wait until then to go out and have a romantic rendezvous. So we sipped on some Elephant Island wine (best wine ever) and watched Veggie Tales and then I had a snooze on the floor and then we folded some laundry and laughed and laughed and laughed at how funny our at home date night went.

So Thursday evening we leave and we should be in Marwayn AB Friday morn and we will be hanging out with my in laws there until the following Thursday then off to Turtle Lake for my grandparents 50th and then off to Waskesiu for my parents 20th anniversary of their store opening and then back home. So we will see you soon and as SOOOON as I find my camera I will link to more pictures but it has disappeared and hopefully I find it before we leave:(

Tata for now!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Here is the link to the promised photo's.
Just copy and paste ;0)