Thursday, March 20, 2008

25 wks

OOoooooh do I feel huge. I don't even think my belly or my rear will fit on the camera. Other than that so far so good. YAY!! I still haven't had to go on bedrest which is super awesome and I can definitely live with hormonal flairs, crazy heartburn and a little wild flatulence as long as that bedrest stays away.

I had my first prenatal in Saskatoon and I'm going back to a specialist I really liked so I'm feeling pretty fortunate to have her back and have her do my c-section. I was a little apprehensive about switching doctors in the middle of the pregnancy but all will work out quite nicely.

It's getting funny for the kids now because mommy can't move as fast and I get short winded when they need a talking too and I have started getting stuck in parking stalls between the door and the next car and the dining room chair and the wall which they find that just hillarious. Me not so much :0))

Oh and must I add....SASKATOON ASIAN SPRING ROLLS Ahhhhhhh
I'm so happy to be home. I'm going to eat there tomorrow and I'm going to order some for take home. I love it!!

As soon as I unpack my camera cables I'll be sure to upload some photo's.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bibbity bobbity boooo....

Nope didn't work. The boxes are still here :0)
Actually it's not that bad. Justin's dad drove in and helped us pack and put stuff together. My dad helped with our bedroom, my mom was over today helping me do some cleaning and unpacking. Because we've been in this moving process for so long now I'm just sooooo anxious for it to be all finally settled and not a box in site. We are having fun with the new house though and even though we haven't been able to see too many people yet in Saskatoon we LOVE being back. We had the funnest silliest time at the grocery store it was just awesome. Justin can't stop doing the happy dance which is pretty entertaining. The kids are still missing their friends in Naramata but I'm sure once we get them set up at a school they will feel a little more settled themselves. They need their routine back and it's been temporarily broken. Poor Cohen is just beside himself in agony the poor baby is cutting 4 molars all at the same time. Each 1/4 the way through. He's had it pretty easy in the teething department until now but hopefully he can get some rest soon.

This weekend will be our first big family get together in ages. We are having everyone over for and Easter/triple birthday combo celebration. Easter Sunday dinner followed by Happy Birthday's to my sister Jenna, my awesome husband and my dad who's turning the BIG 50!!! I can't wait.

Well I best be getting back to it. Hopefully I can get organized soon and post lots of photo's.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We're here and waiting....

Well we have had quite the exciting adventure. We packed up and moved from Naramata, I love love absolutely love that place and I'm so glad our family experience the village life there, but it was time to move home with baby #4 on the way. Emily and Carter had a hard time leaving their friends and Gramma but we plan to keep in touch. Emily was able to make a wonderful memory with her BFF Maddy, they performed in a talent show and sang Hannah Montana's "True Friend". It was awesome and a huge accomplishment for the girls.

Saturday the 8th we flew to Edmonton to spend some time with my Jenna and Justin. We went to Chuck E. Cheese. We are so going back too. West Ed was fun so much fun. The kids got to go on a bit of a shopping spree and Build A Bear and splurge at the Disney store. We also saw the underwater sea creatures and the kids were able to touch sting ray. It was a good way to keep their mind off leaving the friends and not being around their dad.

Justin arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday we headed for Saskatoon with a nice stop for lunch with Papa Harold. Mmmmm Dairy Queen. We got to Saskatoon and the kids got sick :0( along with everyone else. We're at my parents and trying to get organized and get settled. Hopefully the moving van gets here tomorrow!!! We are just anxious to get in the house and get settled and the kids are desperate for their toys. It feels so good to be back around family and hopefully we'll be able to catch up with some friends soon.

Oh it's supper better run....