Saturday, November 24, 2007


Last weekend we celebrated Emily's 9th birthday. We went glow bowling with all the kids Saturday night. They were so good and had so much fun. Here are a few photo's:

Presents, presents and more presents. The kids that joined us for the birthday were more than generous and gave Emily wonderful gifts. She received a few gift cards for Claire's so she's really anxious to go and shop shop shop!! Gramma Vonn and Uncle Eric and Auntie Krisitn were able to come join us for the party with baby Harrison. Other news on the homefront:

Yesterday was the first report card of the season, Emily's first report card with letter grades and Carter's very first report card. The reports were outstanding. Emily has straight A's and is exceeding in most subjects far beyond her grade level and Carter is a top notch kindergartener.

Our little beaner baby is doing great. We had an ultrasound on Thursday and it was so nice and clear and great to see such a healthy little baby. We could see the head and bum and arms and legs and a rapid beating little heartbeat. We were given a due date of June 27th and we'll have a planned c-section, if all goes well then baby will be here around mid June if the baby follows the same path as our last two boys baby will be here end of May beginning of June. All we want is a healthy pregnancy this time and a very healthy lil baby. It's exciting and scarey all at the same time.

Cohen is growing like a weed, he's going through a major growth spurt right now which is a little rough on me in the evenings but he's been really good during the day. He has taken up the act of climbing ON EVERYTHING. When I have pushed in all the chairs and blocked off the kitchen entrance he builds things to climb on. And dances and dances and dances. If he even hears the beat of fingers tapping on a table he starts bouncing. It's hillarious.

Carter on the other hand is having more difficulty. Since September he has been suffering on and off with headaches but they are always accompanied with a stuffy nose and many other things. Recently they have gotten worse and we're trying to find out with frequent visits to doctors what is going on with this little guy. He's always been such a sick boy and we're tired of seeing him always under the weather. Hopefully we find a solution to his problems soon because it's really starting to bring him down and Justin and I are getting more stressed as the days go on. Please keep our little guy in your prayers, it's not an easy thing to see a child sick all time. I just hope it's nothing serious and an easy fix. Hope to God it is!!

Justin has just completed Chapter 2 so it's off to the publisher. He received his 1st chapter back with really positive remarks and encouragement. Which is great motivation to keep on writing.

And I think I'm ready to get my butt in gear to go shopping. I think I've made the family wait long enough while I blogged and uploaded photo's. :0)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well I think I'm getting used to the new "do" hairdo that is. I am over the fact that if it's just done with a quick blow dry that it still looks really uneven so I'm flipping it. It also make me look more like I'm 27 than 5 so I"m living with it.

The other "do" we're preparing for is Emily's 9th birthday. AHHHHH. We had a huge awakening as parents. No more my little pony parties and strawberry shortcake and barbie parties. Yet she still plays with all those things she wants more Big girl parties. So we're doing a bowling party. As proud as I am as a mother and as happy as I am that my kids are healthy and reaching these birthday milestones I am also shocked at how fast it goes and saddened that they are that much older. I could just bottle their youth and keep them young forever and keep them in my care forever.

I DO need to post more pictures but my camera has been acting up but hopefully Santa surprises me with a new one **hint hint**

I'm seriously craving anything that tastes like grapes. Pickles smothered in grape jelly...............mmmmmmmm oh shucks I just finished the grape jelly WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?? I drank all my grape water, I ate all my grape jelly beans and I have no more grape jelly however I do have pickles. It's so weird I get more cravings in my first trimesters than I do throughout the rest of my pregnancy. And as for pickles with Emily I loved pickles and with Carter I loved pickles with chocolate cake and icing, yes mixed together, but with Cohen I barely ate pickles.

Well I just heard the car door which means Justin is home and I gotta finish watching my movie.

Monday, November 12, 2007

November Long

Mediocre busy around the Seitz home this weekend. It all started off with a baaaaaaaaad hairdo. I swear BC hairdressers SUCK!!!!!!!! I had a perfect picture of how I wanted my hair done and the woman did not bad but missed some spots so when I went back to get it touched up a different girl took it upon herself to screw my hair up even more. ugh. I can't go back now or I'll have no more hair left. At least I can mask the mess by flipping it up. More reasons why we need to move back to Saskatoon. I need my hairdresser back :0(

We went out for an awesome meal at our friends place Saturday night. She made a roast chicken with fresh herbs and the works with apple and pear crisps for dessert. mmmm my mouth is still watering. It was such a nice treat to be cooked for. It was a great night and it was going really good for the kids when all of a sudden Emily comes out of a bedroom, hair in front of her face, crying yet breath taken. She fell off the top bunk onto a big fish aquarium and hurt the side of her ribs. She has a nasty gash and she's pretty sore but thank GOD it didn't do more damage to her. We're just thankful she didn't hit her head. She'll be sore for awhile but she's a trooper and she'll be aok.

Last night was a big moment in Mr. Carter's lil life. He has been dealing with his first "loose tooth". Scarey for the little man. He was so worried about losing a part of his body and he was crying all week and did not want to lose this tooth. Until last night it was soooooooo loose and he got the courage to try and pull it himself and it came right out. He went from being scared to proud at the snap of a finger. Lucky man the tooth fairy came and he is so happy he is a little more grown up today. Now he keeps asking when his adult tooth is going to come in and if it means he's going to be big like his dad now.

Well I think I've spent enough time on the computer for the moment. Justin is upstairs managing the boys and that's an intersting task for one person. Cohen is probably trying to stick more of our belongings down the vent :0) So till next time........ toodles..........

Thursday, November 08, 2007

6th Week

We went for our ultrasound yesterday and everything is looking great. I feel a little less nervous but not completely at ease yet. I know I shouldn't worry and I should just enjoy the moment and be happy everything is going good but I'm so scared of the "what if's" just because we've had such problems in the past. Other than that I've been feeling rather well. Tired of course but Cohen has me running around all day so that explains that, and a little nausea here and there but nothing crazy. The only thing that's been happening nonstop is heartburn and indigestion oh goodness I drink water and I've got heartburn. But I can live with that if that's the only trouble I get. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and help us get through this first trimester trouble free. Thank you for your well wishes, prayers and support. It means a lot to us!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Only Treats this Halloween

On October 28th our dearest friends Kristin and Eric welcomed their first lil baby Harrison Gunnar Amundson. He's such a cute baby.

Justin's book contract is almost complete well actually it is finally complete he is just going to sign it and start writing and he needs to have it finished by June which is perfect timing because we have BABY #4 COMING LATE JUNE BEGINNING OF JULY!!!! Yeah that's right, the Seitz's have done it again *swoooooot*. We are so excited. We're praying for a great pregnancy. Last one was just too scarey so if you could all pray with us we'd love that and appreciate it so much. God's good!!

Here are some Halloween photo's from last night. The kids had a blast of course of course and so did I when I saw how much candy I can sneak into at night. Ok ok maybe I will keep my paws out of their treat bags this year. But if Emily's candy is still around at Easter I'm eating it.

Daddy with his Halloweeners Vampire, B1(banana's in pajama's) and Hannah Montanna