Monday, October 06, 2008

A little bit about us.....

I have to say I've had my moments of weakness and strength but my pure joy comes from the 4 sweetest little people I know.

My beauty. She is the kindest most thoughtful little girl I've ever met. She has just been the best helper. For a sister to be kind to her brothers is pretty tough most days but she's doing pretty good. It's so sweet to see Carter ask her questions about school and friends, Cohen asks for hugs and kisses and Brady well he just loves her cuddles. And I love her heart. She knows when I'm happy or sad and I feel so bad at times when she can see the hurt in my eyes and as hard as I try to hide it she sees right through me. So she'll help clean up the kitchen or make me a card or sing songs with the babies and tell me funny stories...anything to brighten up the day.
School is good, she is making such cute little friends. I am so happy with their play time. She finally gets to play house or barbies or anything that a 9 year old girl should be playing.

My super learner. A month ago he could barely read or write. Now he sits down with a paper and pen and it just flows. Some words like "have to" for instance come out as hafto. But it's perfect. He's just my cuddle bug lately. Hugs, hugs and more hugs. He's been struggling more so emotionally lately but on the flip side he just knows how to joke around and make us all laugh. He's loving school. finally being able to stay ALL day is just the best thing in the world to him. His favorite thing is homework, loves loves the homework. For now anyways. I sure hope he still loves it in grade 8. He starts the "puppet troupe" next Tuesday which he is really looking forward to. It's learning how to work puppets and doing little skits and games. For him to be a part of something finally is just the world to him.

Oh what to say about Cohen. Cohen is Cohen. He is like a mirror image personality wise of my Granpa Corky. His laughter lives on in my little man. He always has a smile, always giggles and is ALWAYS getting into something. He is so affectionate yet rough. One minute you get a kiss the next minute you get a pankin. I have to include theee funniest picture of all. I have two actually. I have one of him wearing his tool time goggles and the other well lets just say the pictures speaks for itself.

My Boo,
Sweet sweet little baby. He's such a little dose of honey. I think because he is my last baby I have babyed him a ltitle too much. He has a bit of separation anxiety, ok....a lot!!. I move away from him too quick and he cries. He could live in his cuddlywrap if I didn't have to breastfeed him a hundred times a day. I should actually count just how much he does feed. but I like it, these days doesn't last forever so I'm trying to embrace them while I have them. He is 4mths now and the past 4 mths have just gone by so fast that usually I go by his corrected age at 11 wks instead of 16 wks. He is more like an 11wk old baby which is nice. I just love that he's taking his time and not rushing too much. He giggles now and coo's all the time. I love it.