Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone... here are some family photo's from over the holidays. Keep posted because I have a lot more to share.

See ya next year....

Friday, December 08, 2006

Cohen's First's

Tonight was a very exciting night as parents...Cohen Harold at 3 mths, 2wks and 1 day old rolled over for the first time tonight. Cohen absolutely loves watching hockey. As soon as it comes on TV and he can hear it his little head bobs side to side trying to find where it's coming from and when he finally catches his eye on the screen he doesn't move. So tonight we placed him on his stomach for some tummy time and he lifted his head so high and was working on the roll and finally did it. He rolled to the left and then to make sure this wasn't a one time deal we placed him on his tummy again and he worked his way to the right. So he rolled both ways...then we did it again and again and he just kept rolling over. Justin and I were just screaming in delight and accidently woke up Carter and Emily who came out in surprise but at that point Cohen was tired of played and wanted to be nursed so they will have to see him do it in the morning.

Another funny thing is we have been able to get Cohen to say "hi". It's the cutest thing. I know he's only 3mths but seriously he has said his first word. If we say it to him he will repeat it. He isn't at the point by any means where someone walks in the room and he knows how to use the word but he's said it and it has excited us to no end. We actually caught it on video and Justin is going to find a way to post it on my blog. Emily has been showing all her friends and Carter had a buddy over today and had to show him. It's just the cutest thing.

I just love these precious moments. Being a mom is truly the best gift in the world. Knowing that we have some influence in teaching a child these little things in life is huge. I mean I can't even describe it. If the good Lord sees fit I could go on having babies forever I really could.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas in the Village

I'm now 8 yrs old

what? I'm trying to get my fist in my mouth here...

Canuck booties....ready for the game now.

Our Future Scholar...

Setting up the Christmas tree.

bath time=fun time

Largest chebrek ever.....Justin and Uncle Eric were actually cookin...yay boys

Happy Birthday

finally got polly pockets

auntie kristin helping make treat bags

almost gigglin

New birthday monkey

Smiley lil man

Carter with his show n tell.

Going from City to Village has been pretty interesting and fun actually. I never thought I would like living in a tiny village away from shopping malls and grocery stores but I like it so much I would find it hard to leave. Yes, there is the case of the everyone knows everything around here but in a sense it's good, we feel safer, you know when someone isn't from around here.

Last night we went down the street for the Christmas tree light up and trees along the street were lit up also. The church choir was singing Christmas carols. There was a fire with hot chocolate, apple cidar and cookies galore. The children waiting in line for some popcorn as we watch the parade of two firetrucks and stanta and his reindeer come down the street then they blasted some songs out of the speakers and everyone just mingled and had a good ole' time welcoming the season. All free too which was neat. The spirit of this town is so neat and it's nice to be able to share that with the kids.

Tomorrow I'm having a bunch of ladies over from church for our first motherly fellowship luncheon. It should be fun...lots of babies and little kids running around. Emily is even coming home for lunch to see all the babies, Carter on the other hand is grouchy and doesn't want anyone over.

Well I better get going my daughter has to get to school and I need to take the boys shopping.
Here are some pictures from Nov.18th to recent of last night.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Friday, December 01, 2006


Check out my new favorite song and video...
It's the greatest ever!!

scroll down and watch the video if you haven't seen it on the new hit show "How I met your mother" will totally bring some memories back for you 80's kids