Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wow, where does the time go. Sometimes signing into blogger depresses me a bit because 1) I haven't had much time to write 2) I used to write such happy wonderful things about my family and since Justin's been gone some things are just too hard to write about 3) I see the lilypie clocks on the sidebar and realize how big my kids are getting and how fast the baby is growing. Which I mean indeed are all good things but ughhh seriously time is just going by a little too fast.

We have had a very very busy few weeks. Proof of that would be my laundry that is piled sky high...literally!! I did take a break for a day and had a cleaner come in however she provided more entertainment than anything. We've had some illnesses run through the house and at one point all 4 of my sweeties were sick. Soon after that my younger two babies were diagnosed with Asthma. All my boys are on puffers now. Brady... well we're hoping it's asthma and that the meds help clear up his symptoms because the doctors other option is bronchopulmonary dysplesia...yeah we don't want that. Asthma isn't great but I would choose that than the other.

Halloween was a ton of fun. We have sooo much candy (love it!!)...especially since I can't run out for midnight snack runs. This weekend I finally got to get out and have a little fun, not entirely on my own as I was accompanied by a very cute little man as my date.......he did cry ALOT so we had to cut the evening a little short but it was still so nice. It was just so cool to finally go out and hang out with my lovely sister and just have fun. I can't wait to do it again on Thursday....yeah BSB FOR LIFE!!!!!!

Aside from being physically busy it's been let's just say emotionally busy as well. I can't even go into explaining the ridiculousness the past few weeks. All I can say is this. I've had it with people who are so extremely selfish and who view the sacrament of marriage as a spoof. Seldom honor the Lord, vows are taken as a joke, people are taken for granted and others lives are just of no importance. It's ME ME ME world and it just disgusts me. However on the flip side I have realized that I need to just step back and focus on God a lot more. Matthew 14: Peter's Prayer is well...exactly how I've felt. I have been Peter looking around focusing on the storm happening around me instead of looking right in front of me and taking Jesus' hand and walking on the water with Him. I'm trying and it's a work in progress to be focused and actually as soon as I was feeling super focused... pow bam bang..... all of a sudden a person from my past just pops up completely unexpected. TOTALLY in a state of shock still. However feelings of fear and worry are slowly turning into feelings of peace and closure. Once I actually process what has happened this past week I will make a new posting but as for now.....I gotta look straight ahead.

Here are some timbits of what's happening for my little ones.

Brady is now 5mths...AHH. Yes 5 mths. I still consider him well 4 mths and well he is a baby baby and taking his sweet time which I just love. He's so in love with his toes, his feeties are always slobbery. He has started making strange and is still refusing the bottle. He's so happy and cuddly. His little asthma puffer is so tiny and I get choked up everytime I give it to him. :(

Cohen is well silly as always. He is talking more and more and coming up with words I didn't even know I could say ;) He is still so passionate about sports and well....he lives and breaths it. I have a heck of a time getting on his winter coat because he would rather wear the jacket he calls the basketball jacket even though there are no balls on it. The other day we were at playland having lunch and he decided to flash everyone. Walked in pulled down his pants lifted up his shirt and showed everyone his lovely diaper, then giggled and ran off to play.

Carter is becoming quite the little scholar. His reading and writing are coming along so nicely. He's been hurting a lot lately however the way he expresses himself is amazing. He's really starting to help me a lot more around the home which is nice for me and for Emily. His little best friend Olivia has been helping him and spending a lot of time with him which I'm so grateful for. They are just soooo cute together and just click, they don't have to fight about what to play and just get along always. He loves having a best friend again.

Emily....oh my sweet girl. She is turning 10. DOUBLE DIGITS. Oy. Thursday I am taking her to her first real concert and then Saturday she is having a pool party with her friends and Monday for her actual day we'll have some family time with cake and good food and quality time. She has been just absolutely broken these past 5mths and to see such a little girl deal with sooo much pain is just unbearable. But she still amidst her own tragedy finds time to help me out and spend time with her brothers and still just be a kid. Which is why I am excited to buy her more dolly's and pet shop and polly pockets and barbies for birthdays' and Christmas. Preserve it as long as possible.

Well that's it for me. I've been just pooped lately and it's time to go and get some rest especially before Brady wakes up for his feeding.

Thank you for the support and prayers today and everyday and may God bless every minute from this moment forward.

Even though I don't write much I love you all who stick with me and patiently wait for my next post.