Thursday, May 26, 2011


The lyrics to this song are so beautiful and allow me to rest my head and dream.

Lele’s Song
Words and music by Bruno Merz

Far away, ends a summer day.
And the breeze it carries your quiet sigh.

‘Cos you’re tired today, and sleep won’t come,
Pretty bird, why do you hide your head and cry.

Ooh, there is a love that stays now.
Ooh, let it all fly away now.
Ooh, lie awake and you’ll find love waiting.

Little one, how far you’ve come,
Down a path that never was and easy one.
So rest your head, come lay it down.
Hear the wind calling you to fly the moonlit clouds.

Since my divorce I've struggled in the dating world. Some men added to the heartache, some so comical and outright redonkulous I'm laughing just thinking of them (but good laughter I wouldn't change anything about those moments, and some I hold dear to my heart, all in which have taught me to open up my heart
a little more and more. "The One" I have yet to find but I dream he is out there and one day.

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